331. Sunday 25th August 2013. @#$%ing computers! *&^%, *&^%, *&^%…

This is a temporary post which serves two purposes.

1. It informs those reaqders who may be interested to know what happened to this weeks post.


2. It gives me a chance to vent my spleen and rant a while. All in the cause of making me feel better of course.

Long explanation follows.

Today, Sunday 25th, our trusty laptop would not turn on. OR for those more IT savvy, it would not “boot up”. Of course Toshiba are only open Monday to Friday and the IT Group from whom I bought the laptop and an extended two year warranty, Leading Edge Computers were also c losed. I looked at my warranty details. In  ceases on 26th August…TOMORROW!!!

Hmmm! It appears I  may be making a hurried dash, in the morning, to the nearest Leding Edge store.

Funny how computers usually break down on or after the warranty date! In fact this is the third warranty claim I have made for this computer and justifies the extra $60 to buy the extended warranty.

My last Toshiba Laptop died…the day after the warranty and it was cheaper to buy a replacement than to repair it.

The laptop before was also a Toshiba, a Quosmio top of the range model. It expired after the warranty period.


Why do I keep buying Toshiba???

I dunno.

People keep telling me to buy an Apple. Yes I know how good they are but it is a question of economics. Apple prices usually start at at about the same price as the Quosmio and I simply cannot justify spending $3,000…$3,000 I do not have.

Besides trying to learn the Apple operating system is like trying to learn Windows 8.

Confusing.Definately not user friendly.

Our Apple iPad is nice and handy but I find it can be difficult and confusing at times and it still needs to be connected to a computer…Toshiba for example…in order to download updates, music, photos and lots of other stuff. I does not have a USB port either. It is just handy to check emails, Google Maps and talk on Skype and a few other minor uses.

Roll on Monday.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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