337. Sunday 6th October 2013. Enjoying Noosa and Michael Jackson thriller…

Monday 30th September

Today was hot and by midday a strong wind was blowing from the north east. We went to Sunshine Beach and with clouds beginning to roll in and combined with the heavy salt laden air made for a hazy afternoon on the coast. Of course that did not stop lots of people – mostly with children – arriving at the beach.

Life guard vehicle at Sunshine Beach

Life guard vehicle at Sunshine Beach

Misty salt laden view of young surf club members at Sunshine Beach.

Misty salt laden view of young surf club members at Sunshine Beach.

Tuesday 1st October

The second day of the week and already it has been busy.

In the morning we drove to Buderim and had coffee and croissants at a French restaurant with Glen and Gail C.    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Le-Baroque-Restaurant/333622066650414   We met this lovely couple on the RiverFire barge on Saturday night. Gail was a school teacher and started her career at Mackay. Glen was a pilot with Qantas Link and has only recently retired. They live at Buderim which is not far from Donnis acupuncture appointment this afternoon. After morning coffee we departed with hugs and handshakes  and drove to Sunshine Plaza Shopping Centre at Maroochydore   http://www.sunshineplaza.com/Information/About%20Us    where after a tiring time shopping and buying nothing we had a late lunch on a deck dining area overlooking a canal which the centre is built around.

After lunch we moved further south to Kawana Waters where Donnis had her appointment. By the time we got back to Noosa it was dusk and we were too tired to cook dinner. Hooray for frozen leftovers.

Wednesday 2nd October

Another busy tiring day.

In the morning and midday we visited an Over 50s Resort, Edgewater at Bli Bli.   http://www.edgewaterblibli.com.au/   The surroundings are quite nice and very laid back and quiet. It just seems to be lacking something and did not really grab our attention like other resorts have done. The WOW factor was not present.

After a quick lunch and coffee at the nearby Bli Bli Bakery we drove to Mt.Coolum to meet up with Lyn and Pete, friends from Mackay who now live in the area and have a shop at Mt.Coolum and Noosa Junction.   https://www.facebook.com/DragonflyDreamingNoosa    In the evening we dined at Sunrise Café at Coolum Beach.   http://www.sunrisecoolum.com.au/   Pete, Donnis and I had the Mussels in white wine and cream sauce. Yummo! Donnis and I have not had Mussels for years.

We were back home by 9.30 after another long tiring day. This catching up and meeting people for coffee, lunch or dinner is becoming a tiring pastime. Not tiresome, just tiring.

Hmmm! What have we planned for tomorrow?

Thursday 3rd October

First some information about Noosa.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shire_of_Noosa  (I am stating the following as tongue in cheek…being cheeky…joking) One of the three aboriginal tribes in the area, the Dulingbura, (true) called the area Noosa. In the local dialect, Noosa, loosely translated, means…”land of many roundabouts and speed humps”.

Roundabout at Hastings Street, Noosa Beach.

Roundabout at Hastings Street, Noosa Beach.

It is true. Noosa has more than its fair share of roundabouts…and speed humps. Of course more of the former and fewer of the latter. It seems successive local councils have refused to allow traffic lights in the district but have approved roundabouts. The small ones can be a bit of a tight turn particularly if a speed hump precedes it or it or is encountered on the exit. The larger ones also require a bit of navigational and driving skills. As 50% of the population has no idea how to approach, drive through or around a roundabout some interesting traffic situations arise. Speed humps cause problems in their own right with many cars, particularly those illegally lowered, come to a complete stop and crawl over the hump. I have heard it said that in the dialect of another of the three tribes who shared this area, Noosa means, “beach parking is always full” and the third tribe dialect Noosa meant “lots of tourists in town today”.

Today we drove, once more to Mt.Coolum where I dropped Donnis to spend time with Lyn while I continued on to Marcoola where I caught up with my pre- retirement workmate, Bill L. Oceanic Marine Solutions has a small office handling claims and it is Bill’s domain. We spent a happy hour catching up after which I collected Donnis and drove back to Noosa where Donnis had a dermatological inspection.

We also inspected a Retirement Village. It is very modern, very upmarket and we both agreed that while it is impressive we are not likely candidates.

Late in the afternoon Enid arrived home from Mackay and we went to Tewantin Marina for drinks and hot chips with her friends Leanne and Bronwyn while watching a sunset and the ferry boat coming and going.

Sigh! Another relaxing but tiring day.

Friday 4th October.

In the morning we briefly inspected an Over 50’s Resort at Tewantin. It did not register on our “interesting” scale so we did not even get out of the car.

Before lunch we visited my 87 year old uncle Bill who is in a nursing home at Noosa. He is very active…mentally… but has some difficulty walking.

Frank with uncle Bill.

Frank with uncle Bill.

He talks about his bout of lung cancer, due no doubt to his long term smoking habit especially when working for Rothmans Cigarettes where each employee was given 150 cigarettes a month. He fought and won that fight only to be in another fight with a brain tumour, a spinoff from the lung cancer. He did not know he had a tumour until he had a convulsive fit one day. Luckily his next door neighbour was nearby and called an ambulance. After he recovered from the tumour operation his wife Zahra died and he could no longer fend for himself. Hence the nursing home. As we were talking, the next door neighbour, who probably saved his life, walked into the room. He calls on Bill every week and does a shopping trip for him.

After lunch we drove to Kawana where Donnis had another acupuncture appointment then we took a walk along Noosa Beach in fading light.

Sunset at Noosa Beach with my favourite the Pandanus Tree.

Sunset at Noosa Beach with my favourite the Pandanus Tree.

Yet another sunset through the Pandanus at Noosa Beach.

Yet another sunset through the Pandanus at Noosa Beach.

The eating houses along Hastings Street and beachside were all packed and busy.

Whew! Another long, busy, tiring day.

Tomorrow is expected to be another LONG day.

Saturday 5th October

Busy busy busy!

This morning we met Dominique and Guy F from Traveston at Maison de Provence,  Cooroy, for breakfast. We first met Dom and Guy in December 2010 when we house sat for them for three months. G&D are French and of course the owners of the restaurant are French. Dom had heard through the international grapevine we were in in Noosa and called to ask us to “breakfast”. After an enjoyable catch up we headed back to Noosa and sort of relaxed for the rest of the day before our big adventure. Enid was able to join us, compliments of a ticket from Donnis son Peter who was unable to attend. We drove the 126 klms to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre to see the Circue du Soleil presentation, Michael Jackson Immortal Tour.   http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/michael-jackson-tour/show/about.aspx

Part of the crowd at the Cirque du Soleil at Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Part of the crowd at the Cirque du Soleil at Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Hmmm! MJ had lots of songs I have never heard before and I found them a bit boring but the acts accompanying the music were spectacular. It was a mixture of breath-taking acrobatics and stunts, humour and fun. The sound system was so incredibly loud that I felt a war could be won on the blast from the speakers. Although I was not familiar with the songs, a great many of the audience were, They sang and bopped and twisted and swayed and did all the things the acrobats asked of them. Not easy when sitting in a seat hemmed in by other audience members. I could not single out any one particular act which stood above all others. With so many things happening on stage at the same time it was difficult to concentrate on one. The show sped along with a 20 minute intermission. Of course once the show was over, everybody wanted to be the first to get in their car and on their way home. For the rest of us we crept along at a snail’s pace. Once away from the area a coffee stop at a motorway 24 hour service station was a welcome break but delayed our arrival home about 12.30am tired, happy and ready for bed.

Would I go again?


You should go too.

Sunday 6th October

What the!!!

I slept in until 8.30am!!!

Hmmm! Musta been the late night and all that noise and energy at the MJ Show!

In the morning we went to the hill above Noosa Beach and walked the steep slope and a thousand stairs then along the boardwalk to Little Cove and then to the entrance to the National Park and back to the beach again where Donnis and Enid went for a swim. It was a hot day and the beach was chock a block full as were all the parking spaces. That is why we parked on the hill.

More Pandanus framed views of Noosa Beach

More Pandanus framed views of Noosa Beach

I spy with my little eye...a deaths head in the bushes, almost hidden from view in the hill above Noosa Beach.

I spy with my little eye…a deaths head in the bushes, almost hidden from view in the hill above Noosa Beach.

At dusk we went back to the beach with a roast chook, some salads, cheese, crackers and a couple of glasses of bubbly. Neighbour Dorothy joined us for a dinner overlooking Noosa Beach with the sun setting over the beach. We stayed until well after dark.


Dorothy, Donnis and Enid at Noosa Beach.

Dorothy, Donnis and Enid at Noosa Beach.


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2 Responses to “337. Sunday 6th October 2013. Enjoying Noosa and Michael Jackson thriller…”

  1. shan Says:

    Good to read your blog as always. my back has improved enormously , thanks to a regime of physio, chiro and massage.
    Just wanted to flag that I have not as yet sent your mail (it got buried for a bit) would you still like me to send, or hold on or open and scan . let me know when you can. lots of love to all . Shan


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Shan, good to hear your comments and glad your back is improving. This time next week we should be visiting you.


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