345. Sunday 1st December 2013. Rain, sunshine, visitors, doctor as life goes on…

Monday 25th November.

Had lunch with good mate Tony A and wife Dawn and their son Charles. Tony and I first met in 1966 when we arrived at the Central railway Station in Sydney to commence our first day of Army National Service. We lunched on the deck of Airlie Beach Sailing Club which overlooks the bay. A big thunderstorm was building up and we could see a wall of rain heading towards us. I was facing Tony when suddenly a forked lightning bolt struck the water in front the club. I never saw the lightning directly but did see it reflected in Tony’s spectacles followed by his pupils dilating followed by an almighty clap of thunder. Clap of thunder? Did I say, clap? More like a thunderous roar of thunder!

After lunch we moved to Port of Airlie and had coffee at the Coffee Club overlooking the marina.

The Boathouse at Port of Airlie.

The Boathouse at Port of Airlie.

Marina at Port of Airlie.

Marina at Port of Airlie.

Window display showing Port of Airlie looking south to Shute Harbour.

Window display showing Port of Airlie looking south to Shute Harbour.

I wrote about the construction of the Port of Airlie in this blog entry in  2009   https://frankeeg.wordpress.com/096-sunday-9th-august-2009-birds-beasts-beach-dry-earth-and-construction/   Now the Boat House Resort and Marina are mostly complete but there is still work to be done on the marina. Some retail shop space is yet to be leased but the restaurants located there seem to be surviving if not thriving.

The Port of Airlie almost complete.

The Port of Airlie almost complete.

Hmmm! Methinks it is about time I rewarded myself with lunch at the Port of Airlie one day.

From the marina I was able to look across the bay to Mandalay Point and the hill known as Chesapeake and the millionaires mansion once owned by Hogs Breath founder, Don Algie.  http://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/mansion-at-airlie-with-360-degree-views-up-for-sal/520683/

Boats in the marina with the mansion  "CHESAPEAKE" on top of Mount Chesapeake.

Boats in the marina with the mansion “CHESAPEAKE” on top of Mount Chesapeake.


The heavy rain which dumped on the area created a new leak in our roof hatch. Strangely it is not the same leak as on the weekend.

For dinner tonight I joined my sister Sandra who had driven from Mackay to Proserpine where she will be conducting classes tomorrow. She is the Headspace Mackay Youth Engagement and Community Development Co-Ordinator.   http://www.headspace.org.au/headspace-centres/headspace-mackay/our-staff

I am as full as a goog at present and I vow to not go out for lunch or dinner again. Well, at least not this week.

Tuesday 26th November

More storms including rain.

Wednesday 27th November

More storms with rain.

In the afternoon I saw the doctor and one of the items I talked about with him was the night last week when I woke with terrible pain in my left arm. He sprang into action, took blood samples and arranged for an ECG tomorrow! The first blood test which was done immediately took about ten minutes and returned a negative result! What is he looking for? Given my age and the pain and symptoms I described he suspected a possible heart attack but although he and I both did not believe that was my problem, he did the tests just in case.

Thursday 28th November.

What the!!! The sun came out today.

In the afternoon I had an ECG and as expected returned a negative result. However as pointed out, it has been a week since I was woken with the pain, they cannot entirely rule out a problem. So. I was told that should it ever happen again, do not delay, call an Ambulance. Better to have a false alarm than maybe waking up in hospital or worse, not waking up at all. Mildly chastened I went to visit my daughter who also gave me dressing down.

What did I say on Monday about not eating out again this week? Daughter Averyl, husband Paul and children Shelby and Anakin arrived in Airlie Beach for a few days R&R. They have rented a unit at Mediterranean Resort   (http://www.medresorts.com.au/?gclid=CLadtaCLi7sCFU1fpQodgi0Azw)  on the hill overlooking Airlie. The views here are inspirational. Averyl and Paul wanted to move in full time! Dinner was take-away, pizza, ribs and garlic bread. Yerk! I came away feeling bloated.

Friday 29th November

Around midday the doctor’s office called about the results of my blood tests. They need me to call in to see the doctor tomorrow. Nope, they cannot tell me anything over the phone. The doctor will discuss with me. Hmmm! How am I supposed to sleep tonight?

Despite all my best intentions earlier in the week, I ate out again tonight. Averyl, Paul and the grandchildren had planned to go out to dinner as tomorrow they are going on a jet ski adventure to Daydream Island then heading home to Mackay on Sunday.   http://www.jetskitour.com.au/page/tours/daydreamextreme/index.html

We ate at Cactus Jacks Mexican Restaurant.   https://www.airliebeachhotel.com.au/cactus-jacks/    It was packed with patrons. I tried something called Chocolate Chicken. Slow cooked chicken with a gentle chocolate sauce infused with chilli. Slow cooked? More like dried out and ruined a good bit of chicken breast. Sauce was OK but nothing special. Perhaps I should have had a Hillbilly Burger!

Saturday 30th November

Flametree Village has several pairs of Stone Curlews.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bush_Stone-curlew   I believe that each pair is also nesting as they go into a defence pose and issue a threatening hiss if you come near them. Their colouring, especially that of the chicks is ideally suited to camouflage them in the leaf litter where they tend to nest. Each time I go to the bathroom, day or night, I seem to have a curlew hissing at me. Today I saw the chicks for the first time. Anybody who has heard the curlews at night will never forget the blood curdling screams they use. First time visitors get a bit of a fright when they hear what sounds like a human scream. Sometimes their calls are mistakenly referred to as a Storm Bird call which, according to old wives tales, means rain is on the way. The real storm bird is a Koel… part of the Cuckoo family.

A couple of Stone Curlews in "frozen" position with a couple of even better camouflaged chicks.

A couple of Stone Curlews in “frozen” position with a couple of even better camouflaged chicks.

Speaking of camouflaged chicks...

Speaking of camouflaged chicks…

I went to the marina to farewell Averyl, Paul and the grandchildren on their jet ski tour to Daydream Island.

Jet Ski's waiting for Averyl, Paul, Shelby, Anakin and all the other tourists in the class.

Jet Ski’s waiting for Averyl, Paul, Shelby, Anakin and all the other tourists in the training class.

I waited around in the midday heat for an hour but they were still in a training class so gave up and  went to see the doctor.

The doctor told me the results of my blood test. Nothing life threatening although kidney function is lower than ideal but I do have a tummy bug called Helicobactor Pyloris which is responsible for creating ulcers or making ulcers worse. I am on a 7 day course of Nexium Hp7 designed to kill off the bacteria.

Sunday 1st December

Woke to an overcast morning and a 22° coolish temperature.

To start the day (after my walk and exercise regime of course) I made a World Best Practise bacon and mushroom omelette with fresh grated parmesan cheese and chopped snow pea sprouts on top. I placed a small dollop of oyster sauce on the side of the plate for an extra flavour boost if required.

I did not need the oyster sauce.

Yummo and filling too.

By 8am the sun came out with an angry vengeance. It made what was a tolerable 27° and 75% humidity, a 35° day with 98% humidity.

Averyl, Paul and the grandchildren, Shelby and Anakin arrived to drop off some of the food they over shopped on arrival and it is too hot to take home again. Hmmm! Cheeses, pate, dips, milk, strawberries, grapes and tomatoes. I will have to blend some into a meal this week. Perhaps an omelette with a Brie Cheese.

They also were still excited about their jet ski trip to Daydream island and said it was the best value they have enjoyed.

As the day wore on the cool of the AC inside WWWGO was the best place to be despite the occasional breeze in the shaded area outside. Summer has arrived!

So, trapped inside the AC’ed cocoon I thought what a good time to do an “On this Day”.

On this day in 2005 we were in our Coaster at a Boy Scout Camp called Rowallan Park on the northern outskirts of Mackay. Luckily there was enough power to spread around all the Sugarloafers in attendance as there was absolutely zero, zilch, nada, none breeze. Even under the gazebo which was open on four sides it was still uncomfortable.

Summer has arrived!

On this day in 2006 we had a Sugarloafers Christmas party at the Louisa Creek Community Sports Ground about 20 Klms south of Mackay. Only a very few early arrivals managed to find power. The rest of us sweltered and sought breezeless shade while seeking a non- existent breeze. Even walking to the creek and also to the beach brought no relief as the slight breeze off the ocean was from the northeast and felt dry and gritty. Just sitting around and enjoying a cold beer raised a sweat and it felt like we were walking inside a bubble of moisture. At night it was a nightmare of heat, humidity, mozzies and sandflies ensuring there was no sleep.

Shoulda gone home.

 Summer has arrived!

On this day in 2007 was a repeat of last year at Louisa Creek Community Sports Ground. I put forward the suggestion we find somewhere with power for next year’s Christmas party. The vote was taken and approved. Now the committee has to find us a haven for next year.

Summer has arrived.

On this day in 2008 we had a new party site at Sarina Showgrounds about 35 Klms south of Mackay where power was available for all. It was also the first time the club did not self-cater. Donnis had put forward the motion last year and of course won the vote. Instead we used a local catering business which allowed all members to sit back, relax and enjoy dinner for the first time in many years. Even so, the heat and humidity at happy hour and dinner quickly drove us all back to the cool of our motorhomes.

Summer has arrived!

On this day in 2009 I was at our home in Airlie Beach. For the strangest of reasons we were painting the interior of the house in the hottest most humid time of year. (actually January and February are worse as the wet season has well and truly kicked in)

Summer has arrived!

On this day in 2010 we had an early Christmas gathering with my cousin Bob and his wife Dianne at their home in Coonabarrabran, western NSW. It was raining but not humid. We were joined by my aunt Maude, Bob’s mother, his brother, also my cousin, Lance his wife Jane and their son Wade. Also staying for the week was Bob’s daughter Libbie, her partner Gary and their children Felicity, Paige and Isobelle. Plus assorted locals turned up for a refreshing ale and a barbeque making it quite a happy pre-Christmas gathering.

You would not know summer had arrived!

On this day in 2011 we were in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Qld with my sister Enid and husband Ken. It was hot but relatively mild as far as humidity is concerned. We spent most of the day on the beach either in the water or in the shade enjoying the sea breeze.

Summer has arrived!

On this day in 2012 we were in Guyra northern NSW. Donnis had just returned from Canada and we were both keeping cool on a rare hot day in cold Guyra. At least the temp only reached 27° and humidity was only about 30%.

Summer has arrived but not as hot OR humid as we have in the tropics.

Later in the day the rain began and a wind picked up. Stangely, by 8pm the temp had only dropped to 27° and humidity of 77% but it feels quite cool.

Pleasant in fact.

Until next week.


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