346. Sunday 8th December 2013. All quiet on the Whitsunday coast…

Monday 2nd December

Some mornings during summer in the tropics it is nice to wake to a cool overcast day. When I say cool I mean 25°(Celsius) and 73% humidity. Those conditions are delightful. Today was one of those days.

Friday 6th December.

Nothing much happened during the week. I went to work I came home, had dinner, spoke with Donnis watched TV, showered and went to bed. Each day was much like the other. The sun shone and the temps rose above 30°.

Today was different because I have held back some information.


Last week we had an offer of sale on our Bucasia Beach house. Now that is good and bad news. What swayed our decision to accept an  offer just $5,000 below our price was our tenants whose lease expires in February, want to go back home in a southern state somewhere. They want to be out before Christmas. The purchaser wants settlement before Christmas. I went to Mackay to take some documentation to the solicitor, bring some away with me for reading and signing and for the solicitor to send documents by fax to Donnis to sign and Express Post back to her. All good news so far. The gut wrenching part is and this is the second sale offer in a three months, we have never lived in this house. It is a brick house, by the sea and we will never get another chance to buy such a house again. When we bought it the plan was we would retire to that house. Times change, needs change, financials change and for all sorts of reasons we will move on. I am tired of tenants and real estate agents, rates, insurance, water bills, small and not so small repairs and the gradual deterioration which tenants will not look after. This sale looks more promising. The buyers want to settle on 23rd December, the tenants move out on 20th the same day I will start the long drive to Collarenebri western NSW so Donnis and I can have Christmas together. I am sure I can drive there in two days in the RALLYE. (last Christmas I drove 900 Klms in one day in the TERIOS even in city and holiday traffic. The RALLYE is a better highway car and better suited to long distance driving – cruise control and AC help enormously) This year almost the entire trip will be on inland roads. I will of course drive south to Mackay then continue on to Rockhampton and then turn west and then pick up the Leichhardt Hwy travelling south again and follow that all the way through to Moree in NSW when I then turn right on the Gwydir Hwy and follow that to Colli.

On my way to Mackay I felt a slight wobble in the front right wheel. On arrival I noted the front right tyre was worn – scrubbed out – and definitely illegal. So I went to the tyre place and booked RALLYE in for 4 new tyres and a wheel alignment. Now I will feel safer when driving over three thousand Klms between Christmas and New Year. I asked the tyre place to check the spare. It is 19 years old and has never been used. By now the rubber is probably brittle and if used in an emergency could delaminate or blow out. I had the best of the 4 tyres on the car swapped as a spare.

Sunday 8th December

Not much happened today. I have organized a 300,000 klm service on RALLYE for next Friday. I also bought a mobile phone charger to plug into the cigarette lighter socket and also installed a phone holder. By the time I leave here on 20th RALLYE should be up to the task of over a 3,000 klm return trip.

A new week is coming up. Who know’s what will happen!

I know Christmas week will be busy with  a lot of travel.



I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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