347. Sunday 15th December 2015. All quiet at Flametree……..

No photos this week but this week begins a new travel adventure and I feel a photo or many are on their way.

Monday 9th December

Doing the March Fly slap. Or Marsh Fly. (actually, the real Marsh fly is a different shape) They are also known as horse flies or stable or barn flies. By any other name they still give a stinging bite as they draw blood. At this time of year when it is hot and humid and humans perspire, these biting monsters can be more than bothersome. They can grow to more than five times the size of a housefly and have much larger eyes. Although they are quick flyers and can land on your skin without you feeling anything until they bite you, they seem to be in a stupor when about to bite and they can be easily slapped dead. Sometimes you can have several of these flying around trying to find a place to land and have a feed. They are almost silent flyers but you can see them. Even wearing clothes is no deterrent. They can bite through shirts and socks. As soon as they come around I flee to the safety of the interior of WWWGO and turn on the AC. Thankfully they are not around all day every day. Some people say because they are a March fly and it is only December they are early. They are not called March flies after the month of March. They have a short life span of 3-4 weeks…except the shorter life span of the ones I slapped and killed. Hehehehe.

Wednesday 11th December

Donnis went to Lightning Ridge with three other nurses today. They had a look at the John Murray   http://johnmurrayart.com.au/    Art Gallery, (Donnis and I visited the art gallery in 2010 and we spent so much time looking at the paintings and photos all done with a sense of humour as the base starting point – we loved the gallery – it is worthwhile clicking on the link to look at the paintings) then onto an up market dining place for lunch then back to Collarenebri so one of the nurses could start her afternoon shift. Geez those nurses in isolated places get out and about and visit other isolated places.

Thursday 12th December

I started on my usual walk at 5.45am and suddenly I had a nose bleed!


A nose bleed for heavens sake! Then I thought about past nose bleeds, after all when sitting around trying to get the blood flow stopped you have time to think.

Hmmm! I had a few serious nose bleeds last year during November and December. In fact I had a minor nose bleed a few weeks ago in November. More Hmmming! Come to think of it my very worst nose bleeds were during the months of November and December 2011. Wot The!!! That’s three years running I have had a nose bleed in November and December in three different locations. Could the lead up to Christmas be a stressful time??? In fact last year I had an Ear Nose and Throat specialist in Armidale do minor surgery to stop the nose bleed last December and I really have not had a problem since.

Well, until now.


Meanwhile back at Colli Donnis used her day off to join three nurses from the Walgett Hospital, an hours drive from Colli, so they could all drive to Bourke Hospital, a two hour drive further west for a training session. (Donnis always calls Bourke “Back o Bourke” because that was how I explained its remoteness to her.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bourke,_New_South_Wales

On their way home at dusk the car was hit by an emu. That’s right, they were hit by, not hit, an emu. An emu just came running out of the bush on the side of the road and slammed into the car. Nobody saw it coming. All the nurses were too scared to get out and put the animal out of its misery. This is an isolated road , the traffic belts along at greater than the speed limit, the bush comes almost to the edge of the road and it would have been dangerous in that location to stop. Donnis asked them to stop but the driver refused.

Donnis and I almost had the same fate in Morven, Qld about 8 hours north of Bourke in November 2010. In our case it was about 4 emus rushed out of the bush intent on smashing into us but I saw them out of the corner of my eye and was able to brake and swerve in time. I missed all four by a coat of paint or should that be they missed hitting me by a feather.


Friday  13th December

I made a trip to Mackay to take some legal papers and sign some more at the solicitors office. I then had RALLYE booked in for a 300,000 service and waited at the nearby library. Imagine my surprise to see old motorhome friends Lynn and Len F. We had a good half four catching up. The service place found a half dozen items needing attention, none critical to being able to drive to Colli next week but something I will need to have repaired in the New Year.

Sigh! More money.

Sunday 15th Dcember

A long day of doing almost nothing…much the same as yesterday. I transferred the Black Box video recorder from WWWGO to RALLYE. All this in preparation for the long drive on Friday this week. I have also installed a hands free mobile phone kit. I need only push one button to receive a call or to hang up. The speaker is mounted above my head and the phone sits in a cradle on the dash. I have the GPS in place and of course the battery changers for the phone, the GPS and the hands free. The difficult thing about working outside is those pesky March Flies. Trying to slap them while installing stuff was a bit of a challenge. Their bite becomes very itchy so I took a Phenergan Anti Histamine tablet which makes me drowsy and fall off to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

G nigh.



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