351.Sunday 5th January 2014…A brand new new year starting in the outback NSW and ending on the coast Queensland…


Monday 30th December

Donnis and I discussed when would be the most appropriate and sensible day to leave on the two day drive back to WWWGO at Flametree.

Donnis had taken the night off with no pay so originally was expecting I would stay another day. On the negative side her next shift would be tomorrow morning and at the same time she is getting ready to go to work I would be packing to leave. As well, if I leave New Years Eve I will encounter all the holiday traffic and the New Years madness and have to possibly put up with drunks depending where I stayed overnight. I would arrive late New Years Day and have no time to recover before heading off to work the next day. So it was we agreed I should leave today, especially as the heat wave conditions would be around for another few days and the worst is yet to come. No sense staying for another stinker of a day, better I get on the road. I was away from Colli at 6.45am NSW time and in my air conditioned steel cocoon did not notice the scorching heat outside…until I stopped for fuel and food and toilet breaks. Before I reached Goondiwindi in Qld Donnis had secured her night shift again so has not lost any work hours. By Miles I was making good hours and maintaining my hydration routine. With a full tank I aimed to reach Rockhampton…933 Klms from Colli and a 10.25 hour trip. This final leg would be 422 Klms and easily achieved on a full tank. Although my fuel tank…according to the specifications…carries 60 litres, the fuel gauge shows near empty at around 35 litres use. There is obviously a problem with the gauge but it is not worth getting it repaired. Provided I aim for filling the tank at less than 500Klms I should never run out of fuel. As it was I arrived in Rocky at precisely 5pm after an 11.25 hour trip including two fuel and coffee stops and a lunch stop at a town which I cannot recall the name. That’s not a bad average considering I kept the speed to no more than 105Kph as the day was excessively hot and the road conditions were a bit bumpy. There was very little traffic in any direction. The CD player in the car is sensitive so every time the car hit a bump (there were thousands of bumps) the player would skip to the next track or eject the CD!

I was in bed at a motel by 8.30 and slept all night.

Tuesday 31st December – NEW YEARS EVE.

I was on the road by 8am and with a much better road the CD player umm err, played without skipping or ejecting. I also pushed up the speed to 111Kph except where there were slower cars which I passed at 125Kph! RALLYE handled the trip wonderfully and when I wanted to accelerate quickly, even at 111Kph it was just a matter of stomping on the gas pedal and RALLYE surged to 125Kph effortlessly. Just like it has always done since I bought it new.

I lunched at McDonalds Mackay and took a detour to visit son in law Paul and the Grandchildren Shelby and Anakin…Averyl was at work. I still arrived at Flametree by 3.30pm and had a thirty minute snooze before unpacking RALLYE.

Despite a full van park and lots of younger people drinking and making a noise I was in bed before 10.30pm and any New Years Eve noise did not wake me.


Wednesday 1st January – NEW YEARS DAY.

Up and walking and exercising at 5.30am refreshed and ready to go…nowhere! Today is a rest day.

Yesterday I bought a carton of 10, yes 10, “massive eggs”. The first two eggs I cracked for breakfast were double yolkers. Now, I have not seen a double yolk egg for a year or more. What are the odds of two double yolkers in the one carton and both opened at the same time? Is that a good omen??? Is luck heading my way? Is it worth buying a lotto ticket?

By dinner time I had another two boiled eggs with my salads. Can you believe they were also double yolkers!

Thursday 2nd January

Back at work and after discussing my accident with a sheep a workmate suggested I contact one of our clients with a view to getting RALLYE repaired. The bill was very much to my liking. In fact he offered to restore the roof and boot which are beginning to haze and to do a full buff all over and bring back a showroom shine to the whole car, not just the bumper and mudguard. The price was so good it was little more than the cost of full comprehensive insurance and an excess if I had made a claim. They will start the work next Monday so I will be without a car for 4 days.

Friday 3rd January

After my walk exercise I began my sit-ups, pushups and other back strengthening exercises I have been doing for years. During the pushups I got a nose bleed.

Two eggs for breakfast…both double yolkers. I am beginning to feel they are no longer special.

RALLYE is booked into the tyre shop for the first 5,000 Klm check of the new tyres.

I received the results of the urine test taken at Colli Hospital which was both reassuring and disappointing. Four words. No Significant Bacterial Growth! That’s all. I sent it by email to my doctor and made an appointment for next week.

Saturday 4th January

I was woken sometime around 4.30 swallowing blood. Another nose bleed.  That is a cheerful way to start the day!

I drove to Mackay to have the 5,000 Klm check carried out on the tyres. Even after the accident with the sheep there was minimal adjustment required.

It was a hot day but compared to Collarenebri it was a cool day at 32°. The humidity was at 70%.

Quite by sheer luck I wandered into a Kmart store and they had all their Christmas stuff on sale at $1. Yup, a 1Kg box of liquor filled chocolates. $1. That’s 100 chocolates. I bought two boxes. I also bought two large boxes of Turkish Delight. Again $1.

Now what am I going to do? They are going to make a mess of my diet!!!

Sunday 5th January.

The shopping malls are jam packed with people just wandering around to escape the humidity. I have to spare a thought for Donnis with 46° heat and virtually no humidity. She does not have a shopping mall to escape to. The only air conditioning is in her house or the hospital.

Clouds rolled in during the afternoon and I can feel the rain building. The humidity rose to 82% so rain will not be far away.


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