353. Sunday 12th January 2014. RALLYE is fixed…

Monday 6th January

The beginning of another working week…umm err in my case a half week.

RALLYE was delivered to the panel beater / spray painter for the repair work due to our collision with a sheep on the Burren Junction to Collarenebri Road. By the end of the week the repairs and spray paint and showroom buff and polish should be completed.


Next comes the repair work I had quoted when RALLYE was serviced before Christmas.

Tonight as I walked on the vaguely lit track from the showers, where I walk every day and night I was stopped by another camper. There on the track where I walk was a snake in a defensive “S” pose. “Taipan”, commented the camper. I think not. Too small and this snake was not making any aggressive move apart from the defensive “S” pose. I borrowed the torch and moved closer. From the markings I thought it may be a juvenile python. Usually they just move away but this one was not budging. We left it alone and chose another path back to our campsites. On doing a Google search I believe it is a Brown Tree Snake  ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_tree_snake ) which is unusual among the tree snakes in that it is venomous but as the fangs are set in the back of the jaw and grooved rather than “hypodermic” cannot deliver a fatal bite to an adult. Bites to children can be another matter. Regardless I do not want to step on one in the night so will carry a torch in future.

Tuesday 7th January.

I called KMart who carried out the last service and provided me with a list of required work. Can you give me a quote. We will mail it to you. Why can’t you tell me on the phone. Or email. After lots of toing and froing it seems they cannot do all the work so it is pointless pursuing them any further.

They just lost a customer.

Wednesday 8th January


Thursday 9th January

RALLYE is not ready. Perhaps it will be tomorrow.

Before I finished for the day, Maria, the boss approached me and asked if I would work another 5 hours per week! Perhaps work 5 days. Oh No! I really enjoy having a long weekend every week. My choice, if I work the extra hours. Hmmm! What if I work an extra hour for three days and an extra 2 hours on Thursday? I still get my long weekend. I will sleep on the idea over the next few days.

It rained tonight. Lightly at first just before I went to bed and heavier as I drifted off to sleep. I woke once during the night and it was still raining.

Friday 10th January

Woke to a wet morning. It is cooler than yesterday but still humid.

And the rain came tumbling down. Lots and lots of rain.

By midday RALLYE was ready. It looks good, well at least 90% of it looks good. I can feel good about driving around in it today. Now I need quotes for the work to be done under the bonnet.

I then contacted the people who carried out the brake and suspension work on WWWGO before we left three years ago. Yes they can do ALL the work but will need to obtain prices of parts. They will call next week with a quote.

Our tenants will move out in a month so I started pricing a fridge, washing machine and TV today. Harvey Norman have their six month sale on this week. It should be remembered Hardly Normal have a sale every month and every sale has a different name. They are also offering 24 months interest free terms. Hmmm! That might be the best option for us. We also need a lounge and several other things too…

However with a garage bay chock a block with our “stuff” most of which I want to get rid of and start fresh perhaps I should wait until I move into the house before spending money we have not yet earned.

Saturday 11th January

I selected an Inverter Fridge, Inverter washer and a 50” TV to be delivered in a months time when I move back into the house.

I also tested a new product to restore the external vinyl trim on RALLYE. Part way through the jo it started to rain and the product ran onto the new polish on the doors!


Sunday 12th January

The sun was shining. Time to wash the run off from the duco, dry the duco and the vinyl trim and re-apply the Trim Doctor.

Wow! It looks good and combined with the glossy showroom shine on the rest of the car it looks almost, almost, almost new again!

Light rfain fell a few times in the afternoon to be replaced by brilliant sunshine and high humidity. At this time of year is the beginning of the WET SEASON Aka the RAINY SEASON, MONSOON SEASON even CYCLONE SEASON. It sort of overlays a portion of SUMMER and extends into AUTUMN. Tropical lows are already forming in the north and northwest of Australia and the first cyclone of the season has just crossed the Western Australian Coast on Christmas Eve. On the east Coast we have been watching the first Pacific Ocean cyclone causing devastation on Tonga overnight. It will not be long before we see the first tropical low and potentially the first Tropical Cyclone of the season. I sure hope if one does occur in the Coral Sea it happens after I move back into our house next month. I am not cyclone prepared in WWWGO.

Late in the afternoon I gave myself a treat. A cold beer at Jubilee Tavern.

Yep. Just one beer. I had to drive back to Flametree.

Old and young Pandanus growing along the meandering Watering Horse Creek which flows through the Flametree Village Tourist Park

Old and young Pandanus growing along the meandering Watering Horse Creek which flows through the Flametree Village Tourist Park


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