354. Sunday 19th January. All quiet at Flametree…

Sorry dear readers. Not much to write about this week. I have been tired and can almost guarantee the coming week will be different.

Thursday 16th January

I agreed to work an extra 5 hours per week but insisted I did not want to work for 5 days. I enjoy my Friday off which gives me a long weekend or if I choose to have a Monday off it gives me a long weekend as well. Depending on my needs I can enjoy four days off in a row. In a compromise I will work an extra hour for three days and an extra 2 hours on one day. We will see how it works for my employer and myself. Maria, my employer offered the Brisbane branch to work from if I wanted to be closer to Donnis and spend some time together. We might even do that as well.

I received a message from our estate agent. Our tenants wish to leave on 3rd February.

Yee Har. I can move into our house a week earlier!

Tonight I met Gary who has been at Flametree about as long as I have. He and his wife are travelling in a big American motorhome and while she works a few days a week he takes care of home duties. Gary has rock star looks with long silver wavy hair, piercing blue eyes and a suntanned muscular physique. He is bored.

Friday 17th January

I drove to Mackay today with no particular place in mind but Gary said he would like to tag along as he had not stopped in Mackay on his way north. I soon found I settled into the role of a tourist guide and we spent most of the day showing parts of Mackay which were of interest. Pity I did not take the camera as it was a wonderful sunny day.

The estate agent rang to say the tenants move out of our house on 3rd February. Because they have so much “stuff” laying around the yard, it may not all be gone by that date. The agent suggests if that is the case, the law allows up to 72 hours for them to complete moving the items. In other words I cannot move in until the agent has checked and given the all clear.




On our way home we witnessed what I believe was either road rage or a jealous hissy fit. Four young women in a small car made a hurried U turn across double lines with following and oncoming traffic emergency braking to avoid a collision. Another car with two young women in a larger car did the same and gave chase. We followed as the chase car passed other cars on blind corners and median strips. The first car turned left then immediately turned right back onto the main road in front of us. The chase car followed, ignoring all traffic. Finally as we entered Cannonvale a Police van appeared in front of the first car which started tooting its horn trying to get the Police to pull over and help them. This went on for a few Klms. The Police van drove to Airlie then suddenly turned back at a roundabout and the two cars followed. We continued on our way home. I told Gary I would upload the video footage from my car camera and take it to the Police. Grrr! Nothing was recorded. Of course all the footage all day was there except the last half hour. More Grrr! Wot The??

Sunday 19th January.

The last two days have been quiet. I spent the days mooching around keeping out of the sun. I went nowhere, did nuffin!



2 Responses to “354. Sunday 19th January. All quiet at Flametree…”

  1. shan Says:

    Hi Frank good to hear your catch up for the week. Talk soon


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