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360. Sunday 23rd February 2014. The wet season in the tropics and a local disaster…



Monday 17th February to Thursday 20th February

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go.

Thursday evening I drove to Mackay and had dinner with sister Sandra and partner Dave. I stayed overnight at Sandra’s house.

It rains every day. Some days very heavily. Mostly it rains at night making a loud drumming noise on the roof and the guttering overflows because the downpipes cannot handle the deluge. During the day the sun pops in and out behind clouds and creates…HUMIDITY! That’s the price we pay for living in the tropics.

Friday 21st February

I had an 8.30 am appointment with Australian Hearing Clinic. This is part of my application to Veterans Affairs for some sort of assistance in respect to hearing loss and tinnitus which I maintain is as a result of military service. The results were withheld but I was told they were consistent with my test carried out in May last year. The other thing I was told was that I should have a hearing aid. Now I go back to waiting again. Waiting and putting up with hearing 50% of conversations and 110% of background noise and 150% of crickets chirruping in my ears 24 hours a day, non- stop.

(at this stage I want to impart some background information from last week. When I arrived home from Laguna Quays I dropped my Panasonic FZ50 camera on my concrete pathway. My heart stopped while I checked the camera for damage. Hmmm! No visible damage. No parts broke off. No cracks in the case. The camera turned on and displayed images as usual. Whew! What a relief!)

After my appointment I stopped to take photos of interesting doors in Mackay. WOT THE!!!. The camera zoom ring is stuck solid. The focus ring cannot work if the zoom will not move. The camera is damaged and would cost more to repair than a new camera. Oh No! Sob Sob Sob. Boo Hoo and more sobbing continues throughout the day. This is a tragedy.

Saturday 22nd February.

Today I continued the slow process of moving things around and out of the garage. In the afternoon I went to a 40th Birthday party for Simone W, a workmate. The event was held at the Airlie Beach Volunteer Marine Rescue premises at Altmann Avenue Cannonvale.  The premises enjoy a prime bit of real estate on a little peninsular of land looking across the bay. Sorry no photos. Oh, and the party was fun too. An old workmate, Pete (yes Pete as a females name, not Peta) and her boyfriend John. Pete retired 5 years ago and lived in Proserpine. She and boyfriend John bought a house at Jubilee Pocket a little further along the road from our house. They became tired of the thump thump music which seemed to get louder and louder at about the same as me so I gave them a lift home..

Sunday 23rd February

A quiet slow day. I did more of the moving things around in the garage. I brought some items into the house and the ratty old curtains on the windows and sling door in the garage were removed and given a new home in the garbage bin.
Still sobbing over the loss of the camera. I did some research on a replacement. I am looking at another Panasonic with a Leica lens. This time it is the FZ 200.

I also explored the possibility of making an insurance claim but with the camera not costing much more than the excess it seems a pointless exercise.

359. Sunday 16th February 2014. Work, moving things around, introspection and a day off to visit a ghost resort…

I thought it was about time I showed what I had waiting to move into for the last three months. This is part of our street. Our driveway is on the left just before the crest of the hill.

I thought it was about time I showed what I had waiting to move into for the last three months. This is part of our street. Our driveway is on the left just before the crest of the hill.

From across the street.

From across the street.

Our house with a screen of trees and palms.

Our house with a screen of trees and palms.

The wall of green looking out my office window.

The wall of green looking out my office window.

Monday 10th February

Work today.

It rained on and off all morning but the sun came out long enough for some of my washing to dry. I found some of our old bedding and am washing it ready to use again. All I had was one set of sheets on the spare queen size bed in WWWGO which also smelled musty for not being used for months at a time. Actually not since last September. On Sunday Paul replaced our under sink water filter cartridges. After he left I noticed one was leaking. I re-fit it…twice, last night as it still leaks. When I woke this morning it was leaking so I re-fit it again. And again and again. The TV man came to look at our antenna ( sorry Geoff I had called him before you called and he went to the house immediately!!!) It seems somebody (the last tenant perhaps?) had turned the antenna from horizontal polarity to vertical polarity and taken the 240 volt mast head booster from the wall socket. No wonder we could not get a signal! The antenna man left a new booster and re-positioned the antenna. Viola! I now have signal and a crisp HD picture on the TV.

Tuesday 11th February.

The water filter cartridge is still leaking. Grrr! Tried twice to fix it. It is still leaking.

Wednesday 12th February

Same story as yesterday. I am getting tired of turning the water off at the mains and crawling under the sink to fix the filter.

Thursday 13th February.

Another day just like the last two days although to be candid I have managed to unpack lots of boxes in the garage and found a bag with something like 20 pairs of socks and a dozen shirts all but one of which are in good condition. Sheesh! I had a lot of work clothes. There are other bags of clothes to explore. I also found the pure wool mattress protector.

Friday 14th February

Washed the shirts and socks and the mattress protector.

Then went to Bunnings to find an “O” ring to fit the water filter as I feel it is the cause of the leak. Our kitchen sink flick mix ceramic cartridge tap  (faucet) leaks in the body. I also went looking for a replacement set of “O” rings and a new cartridge. Sorry said Bunnings we do not have any of that stuff in stock. As there as many brands of water filter and ceramic cartridge taps as there are days in the year they can only stock a few. They told me it would be cheaper to buy a new tap set. They can sell me a new tap set for $32. I went to Reece the plumbing supplies specialist. Same story. They can only order the “O” rings in, about 10 days at a cost of $18 for two “O” rings. New cartridge? Sure. Bring the old one in and we will try to match it otherwise they have to order it in at a cost of $45 plus freight. They could not help with the filter “O” ring and suggested going to a hydraulic specialist. I am beginning to believe it will be cheaper and easier to fit a new water filter and tap set. At home I used Teflon tape on the water filter joins as well as a bit on the “O” ring. I threatened the filter unit with being replaced if it did not stop leaking. I then stopped for coffee. After coffee the filter was not leaking! I guess my threats had something to do with that. Or could it have been the Teflon tape? I decided on a new ceramic cartridge tap set from Bunnings and after a great deal of grunting, sweating and maneuvering under the sink resulting in a crick in the neck, the job is done. WOT THE! There is a small leak in the flexible pipe under the sink. After two attempts to fix it I gave up for the day. Who in their right mind would want to be a plumber?

Saturday 15th February

A light shower of rain  occurred at 6am. Then the sun came out. The temperature continued to rise and so did the humidity.

The small leak under the sink became smaller overnight. I thought of threatening it with replacement (as I did with the water filter which stopped leaking after I threatened it) but this IS the replacement! I can’t be bothered thinking or doing anything about it today. I am too lethargic walking through a wall of moisture heated air. Even sitting still works up a sweat.

At this point I wish to relate an amusing tale which happened today.

Gazza and Deb were neighbours at Flametree who had trouble getting a picture on their TV. Not just a broadcast signal picture but even a picture from another source such as a DVD player. They had just moved to Island Gateway Caravan Park which is 300 metres away on my street. I noticed they had a TV technician at their motorhome today. This evening my phone rang. It was Gazza explaining he could still not get a signal on his TV. It was working fine earlier today but now it was pzzzt! “Hmmm!” Said I, “ you are only a short walk down my street I will be there in five minutes. And I was.

Looking at his blank TV I offered to see what was what. I picked up the TV remote but he said,”No, do not change anything, the TV repairman is on his way”

“Hmmm!” I wondered. “Why call me when the TV man is on his way” I pondered further along with a mental shrug. So be it.

After almost an hour the TV man still had not arrived and we both started discussing his parental lines. I still wondered why I was called in the first place. Near 7pm I announced I had to go, I had to make dinner and wanted to talk with Donnis. No more than 5 minutes back home and the phone rings. It was Gazza. He said, “My TV is still playing up and Deb is due home in a few minutes and I want the TV working for her.”

At this point the penny dropped. “Umm Gazza, who did you call?” “I called you the TV repairman of course.” “Ummm, Gazza you called Frank – twice. You got a wrong number. That is why I called at your motorhome and that is why the TV repairman did not show up” A long long silence followed.

After a hot and humid day I thought I would share the following thoughts.

The tropics has four distinct seasons – at night especially.

Summer – One sheet or none at all. Often a fan during the night. Sometimes the air conditioner.

Autumn – A doona cover but no doona. In other words basically a double sheet. Sometimes at the beginning of the season a fan on low as well.

Winter – Starts off with a doona cover but soon needs the doona inside. Towards the end of the season the doona is kicked off during the night and is replaced by a lightweight cotton blanket.

Spring – starts off with just a sheet and a light cotton blanket. Towards the end of the season the blanket gets kicked off during the night and just a cotton sheet is all that is needed.

Throughout all these seasons we leave ALL the windows and doors open except when the air con is turned on. We are blessed with 7 windows and 5 doors, three are double sliding doors. Whenever a breeze is blowing it is nice to feel it through the house.

To-night there is no breeze, it is an air con night.

Sunday 16th February

It was my very own TLC day today. I decided to drive to Laguna Quays Resort   and Midge Point. I invited Gazza and Deb to come with me.

First a Frank’s potted history of Laguna Quays and Turtle Point Golf Course.

Some 20 or so years ago a man with lots of money and less brains had a vision. The vision was to create a world class resort, marina and golf course in the middle of nowhere. Basically about midway between Mackay and Airlie Beach. At some point as his money reduced to the point where it was almost equal to his brain he realised the project was bigger than his bank balance. The marina was in place but struggling to attract boaties because, well simply because it was in the middle of nowhere. The coastal route from Mackay to Airlie Beach bypasses the bay where the resort is located. For boaties it was out of the way. Golfers were enticed to come but the golf course and resort fees were too high so not enough people came to stay. Because it was out of the way it involved either a car trip or bus trip from Mackay or Proserpine, the two nearest airports. He sold the project to a Japanese conglomerate who also quickly realised it was draining money faster than money was coming in and still much work was needed. They applied for a licence to build an airport. They realised the approval was not going to happen so sold to another man who had lots of money, big visions but short on reality. He started building his airport, tearing down native trees and scrub and bulldozing a flat place in the landscape. The airport approvals never arrived and with what money he had left, walked away. The resort, golf course and marina fell into disuse, disrepair and became overgrown.

The marina and look carefully on the right of the photos you can see the rooftops of the resort complex.

The marina and look carefully on the right of the photos you can see the rooftops of the resort complex.

The Beach Club where once families played in a safe fresh water lagoon with a licenced bar and bistro. Now overgrown and returning to nature.

The Beach Club where once families played in a safe fresh water lagoon with a licenced bar and bistro. Now overgrown and returning to nature.

Your guess is as good as mine why this rotting hulk is here and surrounded by a chain link fence.

Your guess is as good as mine why this rotting hulk is here and surrounded by a chain link fence.

One of the tugs used in the early construction phase of the marina. Now it is probably not even worth carting away as scrap metal.

One of the tugs used in the early construction phase of the marina. Now it is probably not even worth carting away as scrap metal.

Pushbikes still chained and left as they were when this marina, resort, golf club and beach club were 95% abandoned a few years ago.

Pushbikes still chained and left as they were when this marina, resort, golf club and beach club were 95% abandoned a few years ago.

A Hong Kong syndicate has bought the project in November but so far nothing has changed. I wanted to have a look at what was left and recall the former glory and look at the nearby town of Midge Point where some of the workers were found.

Midge Point surrounded by mangroves.

Midge Point surrounded by mangroves.

Most residents of Midge Point love to fish and most of them have a tractor to launch and retrieve their boat.

Most residents of Midge Point love to fish and most of them have a tractor to launch and retrieve their boat.

It was a sad trip but one tinged with hope that this time the new owners will concentrate their money and efforts into making the resort and marina pay for itself before trying to build a national airstrip let alone the international airstrip envisioned by the 3rd developer. Much of the infrastructure is still in place but sadly needs lots of maintenance and in some cases, rebuilding. The marina for example has pylons too short to be suitable as a cyclone haven. With high tides and tropical lows the water will rise (as it has previously) and the pontoons will drift or be blown off the pylons.

Of course all the employees and suppliers who were working back when it was an almost going concern lost their livelihood.

All in all it was a sad time.

To-night, as I write this, a big storm we were watching build up at midday has finally hit with lightning, thunder and heavy rain.

358. Sunday 9th February 2013. The excitement of moving back into our own house…


No photos this week. Sorry just too busy and too pre-occupied.

Monday 3rd February

The excitement here in camp is so tangible you can reach out and grasp it in your hands.

Well, at least as far as I am concerned it is. To the rest of the camp it is just another day.

Ho Hum!

You see, our tenants are due to move out today.

Hallelujah! Tomorrow the managing agent will carry out an exit inspection and provided the tenants have moved their junk, ahem, belongings and not left anything behind, I will get the all clear and can move in.

Yee Har!

I drove past the house on my way home this afternoon and there are a couple of large vehicles in the drive and some goods being packed into the tray backs.


RALLYE had some work carried out two weeks ago. One of the items to be fixed was a squealing from the fan belts. A loose fan belt they said. The squeal has returned. It was supposedly fixed. I took the car back today and the fan belts are OK. They got out their special stethoscope then asked me to turn off the air conditioning. Yep! That stopped the squeal.  Now RALLYE is booked into the same place which re-built the air conditioning system sometime in November.

Please, please, please be something simple.

Tuesday 4th February

This morning I had a WOT THE  moment before I even left camp. I have been camped in this same spot since the beginning of November. I and WWWGO have been through storms, showers, heavy rain and cyclonic rain downpours. Not once in all that time was there a leak anywhere in WWWGO. This morning, only a few days from departure there was a light shower. The main roof hatch started to leak. In the same place we last had a leak several months ago.


The excitement is still with me but tinged with a certain amount of frustration.

I drove past the house in the morning as I wanted to look at a large tree in the front yard which may need a trim before I can drive WWWGO past it.

WOT THE! There are two cars still parked in the driveway!

Later in the day the agent informed the tenants have moved out, she has carried out an inspection and the house is beautifully presented in a clean and tidy state.

No I cannot have the keys as there are a couple of “issues” and the tenants have some remaining “rubbish” to remove and by law I must give them up to 72 hours to resolve those “issues” and remove their rubbish.


Wednesday 5th February.

One of the “issues” found by our agent was 5 lights are either missing or blown and not working. She had ordered the tenants to replace them. As I want to slowly replace all lights with LED’s I told her to belay that instruction. I will do the lights myself.

Just give me the keys!

RALLYE was found to have a “harmonic balancer” umm err out of balance. A replacement is order for next week.

Thursday 6th February

It was a long 7 hours at the office today. The afternoon could not come quick enough but the rain arrived before I was finished. In the afternoon and early evening I took a few boxes from WWWGO over to the house.

Tonight I slept at Flametree for the last time.

Friday 7th February

The excitement of moving into the house made for a poor night’s sleep. I was up at 4am! BY 8am I left Flametree followed by Gary who helped guide me into the parking spot beside the house the drove me back to Flametree to collect RALLYE.

The rest of the day was spent opening up the sealed section of the garage and moving some items into the main garage for cleaning. So far the items are not too bad. The smell musty, have gecko, cockroach and spider droppings but otherwise not bad. Some rain managed to get into the floor so timber items standing on the floor are probably only worth keeping until we decide where we move to next. We will sell or give away the affected furniture and buy new later.

I started using our new H2O X5 steam mop and hand held steam cleaner to clean the upholstery on the chairs, mattress and base.

During the afternoon our new Fridge, Washing Machine and TV arrived The fridge and washing machine are working fine but I have not yet unpacked the TCV. On my way in the front door this afternoon I kicked my toe on the door step. The toe is painful and turning dark purple.

Tonight I slept in WWWGO as the beds are still damp from the steam clean and it is raining constantly. Also the bedding is stored somewhere in the garage. I will find it sooner or later and will need to do a lot of washing.

Saturday 8th February

I might have a broken toe. I cannot wear shoes, not even those rubber things. I can just tolerate open toed sandals.

More unpacking and cleaning. Daughter Averyl and hubby Paul arrived in the late afternoon so we continued with lifting, sorting, cleaning and unpacking. The TV was set up but no antenna lead so no signal.

Sunday 9th February

Lots and lots of rain even thunder and lightning overnight.

Paul and I moved heavy things either into the house or set up on the verandah for cleaning during the week.

Averyl used our new Gerni water blaster with driveway scrubber attachment and did most of the driveway.

We replaced the old rotting timber letterbox.

The bed base and bed was put in place as was a desk and chair and I now have a dining table and 4 chairs.

Averyl and Paul went back to Mackay after lunch and I feel exhausted with all the lifting and cleaning and I feel sweaty and gritty and ready for a hot shower.

The TV is not working as there is no signal.

Sigh! I will have to call an antenna man tomorrow.

Where’s Geoff when you need him?

I am totally sick of the rain. Even the load of washing I did on Friday afternoon and hung out to dry under the verandah, although dry, still feels limp and damp.

I am still excited about moving in but now I am here I keep finding things to do. By the time I get to bed tonight it will be lights out and I will be asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

357. Sunday 2nd february 2014. Waiting on a cyclone and living with the reality of it and waiting to move into our house…


Monday 27th January – Australia Day Holiday.

The wet season or the rainy season or monsoon season or cyclone season has arrived.

You know when it has arrived because;

It rains most days, often heavy rains but in short bursts.

The humidity levels suddenly jump to hover around 90%.

Once crispy bedclothes and shirts and things now feel like soggy washcloths and will not hold a crease or fold.

Bath towels remain damp and never dry out.

Dampness is everywhere.

Mould begins to grow on things such as leather shoes, belts and handbags to name a few.

A tropical low is hovering off the coast and likely to form into a cyclone within two days.

Tuesday 28th January

Geez it seems like a long month. In retrospect December seemed like a long month also.

Another work day but something is different.

The BOM website –Bureau of Meteorology – has announced the first Tropical Cyclone Watch –  . The tropical low is still a tropical low but expected to form into a cyclone tomorrow or over the next two days. A cyclone watch is issued. The watch is for coastal waters between Cairns and Proserpine. Strictly speaking Proserpine is not on the coast but Airlie Beach and Flametree where I am located, is in the Proserpine Shire Council area. A forecast tracking map has been issued and everybody is talking cyclones past and where they were and what the cyclone did and how much destruction and cost. According to the forecast map, if the low develops into a cyclone and tracks as predicted it will cross the coast around Innisfail to my north and will dump lots of heavy rain along the coast and inland where it is much needed. Should a cyclone form and not track according to predictions – as often happens – and moves down the coast, it could be several days before it will be a bother to me. I hope to be tucked up in our home by then. Once the cyclone is formed and named, the watch becomes a warning,

Wednesday 29th January.

Went to bed with the sound of rain on the roof of WWWGO and the sound of wind gusts whipping through the tops of the trees with an occasional gust rocking the vehicle.

Woke this morning to the same sound of rain, wind and rocking of WWWGO. I looked at the Tropical Low / Tropical Cyclone tracking map and so far there is little change to the predicted course except it is now moving more south. The destructive wind zone is extended to include the Whitsunday area. In other words, where I am. Destructive wind gusts to 120 Kph are expected to arrive during the day. I may need to take down the shade cloth and roll in the awning but I am loathe to do that as those items help keep the entranceway dry and or cool…when the sun shines.

I had no chance of going for my walk this morning as I see no point in getting wet and having damp clothes hanging around inside WWWGO where they cannot dry out. I could not do my other exercises as all the area under the awning, including the rubber mats, is wet.


It was a work day but we had visiting insurance reps in a training session all day. Tonight we went to dinner.  The latest tracking map puts the TL to turn into cyclone on Friday and cross the coast around Ayr, south of Townsville. The danger zone is extended and Airlie Beach is in the path. When the TL forms into a cyclone it will be called Dylan. Hmmm! Our IT expert was called into the office this afternoon as our computer system went phzzt! The IT guy is a big hulk of a man. He breezed into the office in a hurry. His name is Dillon.

I excused myself from dinner as the wind was getting quite strong and this afternoon the Flametree Park was almost empty with only a handful of guests still here. They have rolled in their shade awnings and moved away from trees. So, in the dark and wind and rain at 9pm tonight I took in most of the shade cloth and rolled the awning in. I am still on an adrenalin rush and cannot get to sleep. I still have another shade cloth on the windward side of WWWGO but do not feel reckless enough to tackle bringing that in tonight.

For the first time since we began our WWWGO adventure I feel lonely, isolated and exposed.

A cyclone is born and heading our way.

A cyclone is born and heading our way.


Getting closer. Good thing we are battened down.

Thursday 30th January

I hardly slept during the night. Too tired, too much going on, too much noise, the wind in the trees is now a constant background noise.

This morning sounds like a fleet of trucks coming along the road behind me. I know it is the wind in the trees but the noise is something else. I was out at 5am taking in the final shade-cloth etc but still could not take down our storage tent which still has wet boxes I cannot store anywhere else. Returning from work in the afternoon I found nature blew the tent down anyway. At work we saw a large tree get blown down across the swollen creek at the back of the office.

Our staff from Brisbane and our Insurance Underwriter guests have car pooled as the Port of Airlie is closed as is the Whitsunday Passage, Hamilton Harbour, Abel Point Marina, Hamilton Island Airport and Proserpine Airport. They will drive to Mackay in the hopes they can get flights to Brisbane and Sydney from there. Shortly before they left they got a call to say all this afternoon’s flights from Mackay are cancelled. It will not be a very pleasant drive to Mackay and if the flights are already cancelled, then after DYLAN hits sometime in the night the airport will be closed for several days.

Dylan is now officially a cyclone and is moving southwest with the Whitsundays smack in the danger zone. It has now combined with a high from the south and is creating stronger winds and rain than being experienced at the eye of the cyclone. Flametree is littered with shredded trees.

The noise of the wind in the trees tonight sounds like jet planes taking off. I noticed most of the wind here seems to be up high. Perhaps the hangars along the side of the airport is deflecting the wind upwards.

About 9pm it became calm – no wind, no rain. I closed the windows, turned on the AC and went to bed. I was suffering from lack of sleep from the night before and despite the eerie calm outside and what might be ahead I was ready for sleep.

Que Sera, Sera

Friday 31st January

I woke at 3.30 am and although there was a wind and some rain, it was nothing compared to what had gone before. I was in one piece, so was WWWGO and so was RALLYE. Back to bed until 5.45 am. Tropical cyclone DYLAN crossed the coast at…3.30 am at Hydeaway Bay about 30 klms north of Airlie Beach in the Whitsunday area. Both WWWGO and RALLYE are covered in a layer of green…shredded leaves from a myriad of trees. The wind is picking up again and the rain is also building but at least I am in one piece. Later in the morning I will see how the rest of the camp and Airlie Beach survived.

Went to work with some wind and rain still reminding us DYLAN has not gone away entirely. By midday there were small patches of sunlight and it has not rained since I arrived, sodden, at the office. Hard to believe we had a cyclone last night. The next few days will be cleanup for many people.

It stopped raining about midday and the wind has gone. It is calm. The sun made a few brief peeks through the clouds and by 6pm humidity was at 91%. In that sort of weather you begin to perspire even sitting still doing nothing!

In case I have not mentioned this before, I am waiting to move back into our house. Tenants are due to leave 3rd February but each time I drive past the house, their junk in the shape of old cars, boats, parts of boats, trailers, motorcycle and goodness knows what is in the shed is still sitting around the yard. I called on my neighbor who reports some minor activity during the week when something was moved from the back yard. I know they have until the 3rd (but legally I have to allow a further 72 hours in case weather prevents them from moving by that date) but I am just anxious to move in and have been counting the days since we gave them notice the first week of December. I expect I will partly live in WWWGO and partly live in the house until I can clean the house and start sorting through our furniture in the garage storage area.. I am concerned what condition our mattress will be in and our wonderful Parker Teak dining table and chairs may need the chairs re-upholstered and old teak oil stripped and re-oiled. Until I can get in and sort through I have no idea what I will find.


Saturday 1st February

The sun made a few more appearance today. In fact enough sunshine to encourage the airport and harbours to open with air and waterways traffic back to normal. In fact more than normal they have a backlog of island guests to transport. Pioneer Bay looks like a green millpond. Not a ripple anywhere. It is hard to believe a cyclone passed through here yesterday. The skydive planes are busy with lots of people wanting to have their adrenalin rush jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

I spent the day doing a load of washing and drying and drying out all our spare towels which were stored in the little tent and were soaked. I also dried out everything else which was waterlogged. The sun stayed out long enough for most of them to dry.

The park owners and staff are busy cutting the grass and picking up fallen branches, palm fronds and shredded leaves.

I cleaned the layer of leaves off both vehicles. How did so many leaves get jammed into crevices on the vehicles?

I had a beer with park neighbor Gary, a builder and roofing specialist. Today he saw three cars with trailers loaded with junk come from the direction of our house. We talked about the possibility of him building a privacy screen in the carport and using a pressure cleaner to clean the roof and guttering.

I have ordered a TV, washing machine and refrigerator to be delivered when I am ready to move into the house.

The countdown has been on for 60 days but we are now in the final few days and the tension  is like, is like, umm err, like the tension I child gets when it is Christmas Eve and he/she is waiting for Santa. Come on Santa bring me my present already!

By dinner time rain was falling again although there was no breeze. Humidity is at 89% so air conditioning is needed to get a good night’s sleep.

Sunday 2nd February

It rained all night. It was still raining when I woke.

The excitement mounts in me. One day this week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday perhaps Friday I will have my house back.

I can have a shower without having to walk 100 metres in the dark and rain and put up with a wet floor left by somebody else.

The toilet will not have to get wiped clean before I use it.

I will have privacy in the bathroom and toilet.

I can iron my work-clothes without having to carry an ironing board cover, iron and clothes 100 metres and iron in a room with a couple of clothes dryers pumping heat into the room.

I will not have to ensure windows and doors are closed every time I leave.

The pantry will no longer be heated by the sun on the walls and roof and melting everything inside.

I love my life on the road but I love the stability of my own home.

Perhaps this year I can confine travelling in WWWGO to weekend camps once a month. For all other travel I can use RALLYE (or a train or plane) and motels.

That is all I have to report this week. I am getting excited about moving into our house one day this coming week.