358. Sunday 9th February 2013. The excitement of moving back into our own house…

No photos this week. Sorry just too busy and too pre-occupied.

Monday 3rd February

The excitement here in camp is so tangible you can reach out and grasp it in your hands.

Well, at least as far as I am concerned it is. To the rest of the camp it is just another day.

Ho Hum!

You see, our tenants are due to move out today.

Hallelujah! Tomorrow the managing agent will carry out an exit inspection and provided the tenants have moved their junk, ahem, belongings and not left anything behind, I will get the all clear and can move in.

Yee Har!

I drove past the house on my way home this afternoon and there are a couple of large vehicles in the drive and some goods being packed into the tray backs.


RALLYE had some work carried out two weeks ago. One of the items to be fixed was a squealing from the fan belts. A loose fan belt they said. The squeal has returned. It was supposedly fixed. I took the car back today and the fan belts are OK. They got out their special stethoscope then asked me to turn off the air conditioning. Yep! That stopped the squeal.  Now RALLYE is booked into the same place which re-built the air conditioning system sometime in November.

Please, please, please be something simple.

Tuesday 4th February

This morning I had a WOT THE  moment before I even left camp. I have been camped in this same spot since the beginning of November. I and WWWGO have been through storms, showers, heavy rain and cyclonic rain downpours. Not once in all that time was there a leak anywhere in WWWGO. This morning, only a few days from departure there was a light shower. The main roof hatch started to leak. In the same place we last had a leak several months ago.


The excitement is still with me but tinged with a certain amount of frustration.

I drove past the house in the morning as I wanted to look at a large tree in the front yard which may need a trim before I can drive WWWGO past it.

WOT THE! There are two cars still parked in the driveway!

Later in the day the agent informed the tenants have moved out, she has carried out an inspection and the house is beautifully presented in a clean and tidy state.

No I cannot have the keys as there are a couple of “issues” and the tenants have some remaining “rubbish” to remove and by law I must give them up to 72 hours to resolve those “issues” and remove their rubbish.


Wednesday 5th February.

One of the “issues” found by our agent was 5 lights are either missing or blown and not working. She had ordered the tenants to replace them. As I want to slowly replace all lights with LED’s I told her to belay that instruction. I will do the lights myself.

Just give me the keys!

RALLYE was found to have a “harmonic balancer” umm err out of balance. A replacement is order for next week.

Thursday 6th February

It was a long 7 hours at the office today. The afternoon could not come quick enough but the rain arrived before I was finished. In the afternoon and early evening I took a few boxes from WWWGO over to the house.

Tonight I slept at Flametree for the last time.

Friday 7th February

The excitement of moving into the house made for a poor night’s sleep. I was up at 4am! BY 8am I left Flametree followed by Gary who helped guide me into the parking spot beside the house the drove me back to Flametree to collect RALLYE.

The rest of the day was spent opening up the sealed section of the garage and moving some items into the main garage for cleaning. So far the items are not too bad. The smell musty, have gecko, cockroach and spider droppings but otherwise not bad. Some rain managed to get into the floor so timber items standing on the floor are probably only worth keeping until we decide where we move to next. We will sell or give away the affected furniture and buy new later.

I started using our new H2O X5 steam mop and hand held steam cleaner to clean the upholstery on the chairs, mattress and base.

During the afternoon our new Fridge, Washing Machine and TV arrived The fridge and washing machine are working fine but I have not yet unpacked the TCV. On my way in the front door this afternoon I kicked my toe on the door step. The toe is painful and turning dark purple.

Tonight I slept in WWWGO as the beds are still damp from the steam clean and it is raining constantly. Also the bedding is stored somewhere in the garage. I will find it sooner or later and will need to do a lot of washing.

Saturday 8th February

I might have a broken toe. I cannot wear shoes, not even those rubber things. I can just tolerate open toed sandals.

More unpacking and cleaning. Daughter Averyl and hubby Paul arrived in the late afternoon so we continued with lifting, sorting, cleaning and unpacking. The TV was set up but no antenna lead so no signal.

Sunday 9th February

Lots and lots of rain even thunder and lightning overnight.

Paul and I moved heavy things either into the house or set up on the verandah for cleaning during the week.

Averyl used our new Gerni water blaster with driveway scrubber attachment and did most of the driveway.

We replaced the old rotting timber letterbox.

The bed base and bed was put in place as was a desk and chair and I now have a dining table and 4 chairs.

Averyl and Paul went back to Mackay after lunch and I feel exhausted with all the lifting and cleaning and I feel sweaty and gritty and ready for a hot shower.

The TV is not working as there is no signal.

Sigh! I will have to call an antenna man tomorrow.

Where’s Geoff when you need him?

I am totally sick of the rain. Even the load of washing I did on Friday afternoon and hung out to dry under the verandah, although dry, still feels limp and damp.

I am still excited about moving in but now I am here I keep finding things to do. By the time I get to bed tonight it will be lights out and I will be asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.


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2 Responses to “358. Sunday 9th February 2013. The excitement of moving back into our own house…”

  1. placestheygo Says:

    Sounds like lots of work but when you are looking forward to something it is worth it.

    Dampness is a pain. We are in FL now and have had so much humidity that fog rolls in before dusk. We run the air even if we don’t need it for the temp.

    Good luck with getting the house together!


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi thanks for your continued reading support. We are in the midst of the wet season so one thing we can be sure of…it will be wet. I managed to move some furniture, items and clothes out of one part of the garage into the part of the garage. Now it looks like we have twice as much stuff…


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