360. Sunday 23rd February 2014. The wet season in the tropics and a local disaster…


Monday 17th February to Thursday 20th February

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go.

Thursday evening I drove to Mackay and had dinner with sister Sandra and partner Dave. I stayed overnight at Sandra’s house.

It rains every day. Some days very heavily. Mostly it rains at night making a loud drumming noise on the roof and the guttering overflows because the downpipes cannot handle the deluge. During the day the sun pops in and out behind clouds and creates…HUMIDITY! That’s the price we pay for living in the tropics.

Friday 21st February

I had an 8.30 am appointment with Australian Hearing Clinic. This is part of my application to Veterans Affairs for some sort of assistance in respect to hearing loss and tinnitus which I maintain is as a result of military service. The results were withheld but I was told they were consistent with my test carried out in May last year. The other thing I was told was that I should have a hearing aid. Now I go back to waiting again. Waiting and putting up with hearing 50% of conversations and 110% of background noise and 150% of crickets chirruping in my ears 24 hours a day, non- stop.

(at this stage I want to impart some background information from last week. When I arrived home from Laguna Quays I dropped my Panasonic FZ50 camera on my concrete pathway. My heart stopped while I checked the camera for damage. Hmmm! No visible damage. No parts broke off. No cracks in the case. The camera turned on and displayed images as usual. Whew! What a relief!)

After my appointment I stopped to take photos of interesting doors in Mackay. WOT THE!!!. The camera zoom ring is stuck solid. The focus ring cannot work if the zoom will not move. The camera is damaged and would cost more to repair than a new camera. Oh No! Sob Sob Sob. Boo Hoo and more sobbing continues throughout the day. This is a tragedy.

Saturday 22nd February.

Today I continued the slow process of moving things around and out of the garage. In the afternoon I went to a 40th Birthday party for Simone W, a workmate. The event was held at the Airlie Beach Volunteer Marine Rescue premises at Altmann Avenue Cannonvale.    http://www.vmrwhitsunday.com.au/  The premises enjoy a prime bit of real estate on a little peninsular of land looking across the bay. Sorry no photos. Oh, and the party was fun too. An old workmate, Pete (yes Pete as a females name, not Peta) and her boyfriend John. Pete retired 5 years ago and lived in Proserpine. She and boyfriend John bought a house at Jubilee Pocket a little further along the road from our house. They became tired of the thump thump music which seemed to get louder and louder at about the same as me so I gave them a lift home..

Sunday 23rd February

A quiet slow day. I did more of the moving things around in the garage. I brought some items into the house and the ratty old curtains on the windows and sling door in the garage were removed and given a new home in the garbage bin.
Still sobbing over the loss of the camera. I did some research on a replacement. I am looking at another Panasonic with a Leica lens. This time it is the FZ 200.

I also explored the possibility of making an insurance claim but with the camera not costing much more than the excess it seems a pointless exercise.


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