361.Sunday 2nd March 2014. Broken camera, broken keyboard and broken fly screens…

…all fixed one way or another!!!

Monday 24th February

Ob la dee, ob la dah, Life goes on.

Work gets in the way of doing other stuff.

It took me 12 months after retiring from work to shake off the mantle of concern, worry, timetables and stress.

It took me less than a month to take on that mantle again.


Tuesday 25th February

Grrr! The blankety blank blank space bar key on the laptop has stopped working. WhenItypethereisnospacesbetweentheletters!!!

Wednesday 26th February

OK OK enough of this broken keyboard so I bought a cheap Microsoft external keyboard which plugs into a USB port. It was a cheaper option than finding a repair place and waiting a week or ten days and handing over a couple of hundred $$$ to fix the problem.

I was so pleased with having a space bar key I was able to go on-line and research a replacement camera. Basically I have been happy with my Panasonic FZ50 and with my earlier Panasonic NV-DCF7so I feel comfortable moving up to the new Panasonic FZ200.

Thursday 27th February

The last day of the working week for me.

Since moving into the house I discovered that almost every fly screen frame is damaged and or the fly screen deteriorated in the sun. Tomorrow I start making all new fly screens for the house.

Hmmm! That seems like work to me!

Friday 28th February.

Happy Anniversay to Donnis and I.

Today I started making the first of the replacement fly screens.


The profile of the replacement screen frame is different to the original. It is bigger and has a 6mm spline channel whilst the original has a 4mm spline channel.


Despite the setback I managed to make two complete insect screens and install them in the windows.

I can now buy some extra frame material and complete the remaining windows. On closer inspection I can see ALL the windows have damaged screens some of the damage is minor but I may have enough undamaged frame parts to make one or two smaller window screens.


Saturday 1st March

After much grunting, sweating and wearing out the muscles of my right arm, the 4 stroke mower burst into life and purred ready for action. Similarly the whipper snipper needed  just as much coaxing until it too started and stopped on command. Wow! These 4 stroke engines have not been running since August 2010. I thought I may have to pull them apart and at the very least install new spark plugs. Nope! Both worked as they orta and I managed to cut the grass in the front yard.

That was enough in the scorching sunlight and I let the machines have a rest ( as didI) for the remainder of the afternoon.  I know my body – especially my right arm – will be paying for the exertion tomorrow and the day after that. I am in no hurry but it did bring home loud and clear one important fact. I do not want to be cutting the grass at our next home, wherever and whenever that might be.

Anybody want to buy a used but in good working condition, a 4 stroke mower, a 4 stroke whipper snipper, an electrical leaf blower/vacuum, hedge trimmer and chainsaw?

Going cheap.

I treated myself to a dinner out at the Jubilee Tavern tonight. With a glass of wine I silently toasted Happy Anniversary to Donnis while she was in Walgett, western New South Wales and silently toasted me albeit with a beer.

Sunday 2nd March

I managed to cut the grass in the backyard and put the mower away for a few weeks. The whipper snipper was recalcitrant and would not start at all.

After buying more frame material I made another screen but called a halt for today. OK. I am happy with progress with three screens made and fitted. Only 6 to go.


No photos this week.

Of course.

I should have my new FZ200 by mid week and after reading the book will be out and about.

Snap happy.


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2 Responses to “361.Sunday 2nd March 2014. Broken camera, broken keyboard and broken fly screens…”

  1. Sonya Lyttle Says:

    Happy Anniversary to you! Best wishes to you for the coming year and years to follow. Good luck with those screens. Hmmm we are still worrying about ‘storm doors ‘ with our icy cold weather and especially freezing winds. Not sure what’s worse bugs or snow. Lol! Either way its keeping us all busy! Take good care and big hugs to you guys!


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hello Sonja, thanks for your wishes. I sometimes think, what would be worse, the summer heat and associated discomforts or winter cold with associated discomforts. After hearing Donnis tales of miserable winters and being stuck indoors unable to go outside and after spending the end of winter in the Australian Alps recently,give me summer any day.


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