370. Sunday 4th May 2014. Gardening, yard work, rock collecting and labouring…

We have not had internet service as we had exceeded our monthly download and could not be bothered paying for extra download for a couple of weeks.

It has been a week with no trips, no visits and no photos. We have been too busy.

We started pulling down the old fence on one side of the block. It was a temporary fence made with bamboo stalks and supported by steel star pickets. It became almost a permanent fence as after a while it was forgotten and as long as I maintained the plants on our side of the fence and the neighbor on the other side cut the grass, it did not look too bad. With tenants the fence started to look what it was, a cheap temporary fence. We pulled it down and realised we needed more good soil before we planted  the planned hedge. Then we needed to build up the soil and a rock wall to hold the soil in. After a visit to friends John and Lorraine S, we obtained permission to visit a property in the Preston area near Proserpine and collect rocks. We made several trips in RALLYE and TERIOS to load with rocks. Then came the process of fitting them into the existing rock wall then backfilling with soil. In the process I discovered many of our watering system spray heads were damaged or clogged or would no longer spray either above the new rocks or through the foliage. Much of the watering system was replaced or repaired. We then found the watering system regulator was blocked by something and needed dismantling to find the fault and fix it.

We also found the beautiful Pandanus tree although still only small (about 1.5 metres) has a very aggressive root system which if allowed to grow would wipe out the plants nearby but also the roots would eventually destroy the rock wall. We spent a good two hours pulling it out and digging up as many of the roots as we could.

Then came the selection of plants to form a hedge and planting them in the newly formed beds.

Finally by sundown Sunday, the wall is complete, backfilled with soil and plants in a row. The watering system is working and all is well with the world. Now all we have to do is tidy up the remaining garden beds. We have planned to gather another load of rocks on Monday.

During the week Donnis booked a return flight with Tiger Air to visit son Errol, wife Nicole and the granddaughters Amnelia and Hannah in Wollongong. Her flight leaves Proserpine on Tuesday morning.

Shortly after booking the flight she was offered a three week nursing appointment at Coolah, Central Western NSW. (   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coolah,_New_South_Wales   this time she will not have a car and has to rely on public transport as she will leave directly from Wollongong.

Sigh! Alone again for another 6 weeks.


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2 Responses to “370. Sunday 4th May 2014. Gardening, yard work, rock collecting and labouring…”

  1. placestheygo Says:

    Oh, no! No pictures of your hard work!! Sounds like it was a success:)


    • frankeeg Says:

      Its a pity I did not take some before and after photos although until the plants grow it will then look great.
      We put so much energy into our work the first weekend we were physically exhausted and I think our resistance to ills was effected. We are both fighting a cold at the moment. Cheers


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