373. Sunday 18th May 2014. Bowen re-visited and other mumblings…

Have I commented or complained about our fly screens? I found they were damaged when I first moved back into the house. I bought new fly screen frame material, new flyscreen and all the fixin’s  to make a set of screens. Well I made em and when I went to put them in the window the profile was 3 millimetres too thick. Three millimetres!! That’s about the distance between these two exclamation marks. !! Of course they fit into the window frame but do not fit into the window frame slot. In essence they sit there with nuthin’ holding them in place. When we get strong winds they usually start to fall into the room. Not good!  I have been so  pi**ed off annoyed I just stewed about it ever since. I could not buy the original framing material anywhere locally. Grrr! Last night I had had enough and located the name of the original window & screen maker and called them. Yes they have that same aluminium frame in stock and yes they can cut it to size. Hmmm! They are located in Bowen and I could be there and back (after lunch of course) and can get started on replacing the flyscreens…again.

Today I went to Bowen. It was blowin’ in Bowen. The wind was stronger than last week. I forgot to mention last week that Bowen is also famous, well at least around Bowen  it is famous, for a plentitude of wall murals on the buildings around town. According to the tourist brochure I was given on my visit last week, there are 27 murals scattered around town. The murals are designed to depict life in Bowen since its settlement to the current time. I saw several and took photos.

160514 aviation

Bowen Municipal Band

Bowen Municipal Band

Bank of New South Wales.

Bank of New South Wales.

Transporting a boiler to the new coalfields.

Transporting a boiler to the new coalfields.

Policing in the Bowen District.

Policing in the Bowen District.

Also this week I bought a shredder , yes Michael I bought a shredder… (that’s a play on the current Jeep commercial which has been plaguing our TV screens for around 12 months – the last car I would buy is a Jeep. I would buy a Nissan before a Jeep ) To finish our gardens I need a load of mulch. A load would cost around $80 plus $46 delivery. Every so often I would need more mulch. For around the same initial outlay I can buy a shredder and keep the gardens topped up with mulch and re-use the branches and palm fronds which continually fall around the yard. Today I also started using the shredder/mulcher and enjoyed seeing a pile of garden refuse being turned into mulch.

Saturday 17th May

Today I had several jobs planned and in my delusional state thought I would get them all done. But before I begin let me mention we have a strong wind warning issued for coastal waters in our area. Along with the strong wind warning is the forecast for scattered showers. The day’s weather went like this. Beautiful sunshine (the sort of sunshine I thought would dry the clothes which have been sitting on the clothesline since Thursday.) followed by a zephyr of breeze. A delightful, typical tropical Autumn day. Then, in what seemed like an instant, it would be cloudy and a heavy shower would drench everything and before you knew what was happening a wall of wind screamed down out of the Conway Range and slam against anything in its path. Ten minutes later the sun would be shining again and the pattern repeated itself all day. I managed to get a wheelbarrow load of shredding ready for the garden – between showers. During the first shower I got all the window screening material together in readiness to making the fly screens. Next shower I started to make the screens. WOT THE!!! Hiss spit fizzle snort grrr! The corner pieces which I had carefully saved from the original damaged screens will not fit the new screen frames. There is a slight difference in profile and I need new corner pieces. I had even taken those self- same corner pieces to Bowen and showed them to the supplier. The supplier made no comment.

Ok Ok move on to another job. Cut the grass. Fill the mower with fuel. Pull the starter. Nothing happens. By now the blasting wind and heavy showers had rolled over.

Ok Ok move on to another job. Clean the drain grid at the bottom of the driveway and the carport. No amount of grunting sweating swearing would budge the base of the grid. I bought in the big gun of the water blaster thinking perhaps the plastic base may have built up dirt, mung and drool over the years and needed cleaning. After ten minutes and after covering myself , the carport and TERIOS with aforementioned dirt, mung and drool, the plastic base still would not budge.

Hmmm! Perhaps I can do some housework which is not dependant on the weather!

Sunday 18th May

I woke sometime during the night to strong heavy rain. Not the sort driven by a strong wind warning but just heavy rain.

I woke at mid- morning, ( 6.30am) I had slept in, the rain was still falling and the view to the mountains was obscured by the mist of rain.

The clothes are still on the line.

Mid- morning I was raking leaves in the front garden when I straightened and suddenly the familiar back pain changed the rest of my day.

Hmmm! Perhaps there was a message telling me to slow down. At any rate it was light duties for me for the rest of the day. Perhaps the rest of the week.

In the afternoon, friends John & Lorraine S came for a visit. Lorraine brought a batch of freshly made Lemonade Scones. With jam and whipped cream they were an unexpected but welcome treat.

The sun came out long enough to remind me to bring the clothes in off the line!



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