381. Sunday 13th July 2014. Decking oil and Gold Coast dreaming…

Monday 7th July

In the cold light on Monday morning (and it was a cold morning – it is winter after all but winter in the tropics) I looked back on the late night offer I made by email for the villa on the Gold Coast. Of course the usual doubts and or unasked questions pop into the mind.

The agent had told me he was going to Fiji for a week from today. His daughter will maintain the office and sales while he is away.

He had also told me that after the inspection yesterday an offer had been made…he also told me the amount. It was more than I was originally going to offer but still well below the asking price.

My offer was above that amount.

At least four more inspections are organized for tomorrow so any of them or all of them could make an offer and any or all of them could offer the asking price. I am not that confident of securing the sale but I can always up our offer if need be.

The only thing we may have in our favour is the vendor wants a long settlement so their new place will be built and ready to move into. That suits us.

Late in the afternoon the agent called. The vendors appreciated our offer and the long settlement but we were just a whisker below what they would accept. Well, alrighty then. What more can we offer and then suddenly it was ours.

Tuesday 8th July

It will be a long busy week organizing and signing contracts, arranging pest and building inspections and paying a deposit.

In the afternoon the purchase agreement arrived but I had to remind the agent that with a transaction of this nature there are several sets of documents that should accompany the agreement and I need them all before we can sign.

Wednesday 9th July

All documentation received this morning and forwarded to the solicitor.

Thursday 10th July

The solicitor advises documents are in order and if we are happy to proceed to sign and send back to the agent.

Friday11th July

This morning we signed the agreement and had our neighbor Stan as witness. Stan mentioned he has a  2.5 metre  python living in his backyard which comes out in the morning to sun itself.


I finally got started on a project I have wanted to do since we moved into the house.

This is how the deck looked before I started the endless cleaning and acid wash  and 4 coats of decking oil.

This is how the deck looked before I started the endless cleaning and acid wash and 4 coats of decking oil.

The back deck was washed down with a mild acid solution and rinsed off with the Gerni. After it was dry I put down the first of several coats of decking oil.

We scanned the signed agreement and sent it to the agent. I also transferred a big chunk of money into the agents trust account. My hand was trembling as I made the on-line transaction.

After dinner we visited Michael and his Spanish wife Julia and sat outside in the cold huddled around a fire until midnight.

Saturday 12th July.

Stan had a visit from the snake catcher this morning. She caught the very large very fat python and slid it into a canvas bag. Stan & Meriwyn were not both pleased to see it go. However the neighbor on the other side felt the snake was too close to their clothesline area and wanted it moved. Stan & Meriwyne feel the snake was not doing any harm, it is a Carpet Python and therefore non venomous but if cornered could protect itself with a bite – not fatal of course. To maintain neighbourly harmony the snake was relocated.

I managed to put down a second coat of decking oil and in the afternoon drove to Proserpine for the Queensland Open Go Kart Championships.

Final race of day one of Queensland Open Titles. There were 30 starters in the race.

Final race of day one of Queensland Open Titles. There were 30 starters in the race.

Sister Sandra and boyfriend Dave were coming for a visit. Sandra had left Dave at the Go Kart track while she visited Airlie for a Day Spa massage and beauty treatment. Of course I volunteered to collect Dave from the track.

After dark we walked to Jubilee Tavern for dinner.

Sunday 13th July.

It was a busy day.

In the morning I put down another coat of decking oil then baked a loaf of cheese n chives bread.

Then I washed RALLYE.

In the afternoon I put a fourth coat of oil on the deck.

I have crawled over that deck on hands and knees removing old paint and candle splashes. I hammered nails, I plucked gravel and leaves and twigs and dust and grit from the spaces. I have swept and vacuumed and washed and twice gernied and acid washed that deck with loving care and finally four coats of decking oil.

After 4 coats of decking oil.

After 4 coats of decking oil.

I thought I was finished but of course there are splashes and streaks of decking oil on painted surfaces still to be removed…another job crawling around on hands and knees .

Next week I will re-start on varnishing the window ledges and then when I catch my breath will start painting a few rooms

Does it ever stop?

Even with a hand held camera this full moon clearly shows the craters, mountains and seas.

Even with a hand held camera on 48x zoom this full moon clearly shows the craters, mountains and seas. It is worth double clicking the image to see the detail


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4 Responses to “381. Sunday 13th July 2014. Decking oil and Gold Coast dreaming…”

  1. placestheygo Says:

    Congratulations on the new house!! Glad it all worked out for you. Your deck looks wonderful. A lot of hard work went into that cleaning project for sure.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Pam, yep a lot of work went into that deck. We are looking forward to moving to the Gold Coast. It will open up a whole new range of places to visit and report on. After living for almost 20 years in the wonderful Whitsunday district we feel we have just about exhausted all the places to visit. It is time to move on.


      • placestheygo Says:

        I totally understand how an area is overvisited. Before we hit the road fulltime, we had exhausted
        every place within a weekend drive and seriously needed a change.

        Hope your move goes smoothly:)


      • frankeeg Says:

        Hi Pam, yes we are looking forward to the challenge of moving, making new friends and looking for new adventures and exploration.


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