385. Sunday 10th August 2014. Painting, Lemmings, Miss Muddy and sailboat racing…

Tuesday 5th August

Today I took part in a new activity at work which reminded me that after all these years I may have taken the wrong vocational path.

Our Brisbane office has a visiting young staff member from an International Insurance giant. The company, based in London has an office in Singapore where this young lady has worked for two years since leaving school. She is working with us – two weeks in Brisbane and 2 weeks with us in Airlie Beach – on a work experience exchange. We have a strong relationship with this international giant. A relationship based on mutual respect, trust, understanding and honesty. Anyway, back to the young Singapore girl who arrived in Oz on Monday. My employer asked if I would do her a favour and train the young girl via Skype. Yes, of course. Only problem is I do not have an office Skype account, no speakers, camera or microphone. Within an hour we arranged an account, camera with microphone and a headset and I was ready. Skype has a feature called “share screen”. The young lady in our Brisbane office activated “share screen” at her end and I could see everything she was doing on her terminal. On a smaller PIP I could see her and another PIP screen could see myself. Gradually I was able to coach and coax her in using our systems and programs. My employer commented later how patient I was and how carefully I explained and trained. This is not the first time I have been told this. I must say I totally enjoyed the experience especially being able to train somebody 1,000 Klms away and still be able to see their face and the screen they were working on and be able to speak with each other at the same time. Amazing technology and I just love being part of it. Perhaps I should have been a trainer of some sort.

Wednesday 6th August

I had another wonderful 2 hour experience on Skype with my student today. She speaks English as if it was her native tongue and quickly overcame her shyness. I was able to dictate what I wanted typed on a letter and she was able to type, rarely asking for me to repeat my comments. I acknowledge that not all students are so easy to teach but I got a buzz out of training her.

Friday 8th August

Happy Birthday to sister Bev.

Last night I set up masking tape over the area I planned to paint today. Although the area in total was equivalent to two regular walls it was mostly doorways to paint around. I managed one coat of paint in the morning and the second after lunch. Hmmm!

Not a bad job even if I say so myself .

In the evening I taped up for the next set of walls with an equally difficult set of door frames to paint around tomorrow.

Saturday 9th August

Two coats of paint on the area set up last night and frankly I have had enough of painting. Well at least on this weekend. I will finish the final hallway wall next week.


I promised myself a day off tomorrow.

During the afternoon I spent some time on the phone with Geoff C a self taught computer man. Once upon a time I played a mind challenging game called Lemmings. I wanted another mental challenge so Geoff helped me figure out how to get the game loaded from the CD onto the laptop. The game only operates in DOS (Disc Operating System) but nobody uses DOS any more. Thanks Geoff I appreciate your time and patience. You and Margaret are hereby welcome to come visit us in our new home on the Gold Coast.

Sunday 10th August.

Yeah right! A day off!

In the morning I decided to oil a little deck on one side of the house which is mainly intended for pot plants.

I then went to Airlie Beach.

Last week I wrote about the Reef Festival which is basically a month long festival broken into weekly events. This week it is the Airlie Beach Race week where yachts, local, intra state, interstate and even international come to race in various classes of racing, many of them in preparation for the Hamilton Island Race week next week. Then to keep everybody happy the final week is the Airlie Beach Fun Race. Once upon a time this event was a miss figurehead event with women sailing around topless (some even bottomless) but over the last few years the event has become more family friendly and the figurehead thing is all but finished.

Throughout the month there are events and music and fireworks to accompany those on water activities.

Today’s race had 70 entrants and was scheduled to start at 10am. I was on a hilltop ready to take photos well before race start but boats were still leaving the marina. Grrr! I moved location to the yacht club for a better view. I could see the boats jockeying for position but they were a long way out in the bay and by 10.30 the race had still not started.

If you double click and look carefully you can see lots of sailboats in the distance waiting for the start.

If you double click and look carefully you can see lots of sailboats in the distance waiting for the start.

The children had their own racing in these tiny Sabot's

The children had their own racing in these tiny Sabot’s

I saw two men from the yacht club taking a marker buoy in a dinghy out onto the course. WOT THE! The course was not ready at 10.30!!!

I had better things to do…such as painting and gardening at home. Besides I had trouble with my camera. I prefer to use the EVF (electronic view finder) instead of the LCD (liquid crystal display) when taking photos. For some reason the view was blurred on EVF but was fine on the LCD.


Grrr! I had so much wanted see 70 boats with sails all heading in the same direction. I had been in the first race of the season about 6 years ago and as I recall we sailed around in circles for ages past the start time before the race finally got under way. Oh well! Nothing’s changed.

Once home I did some Google research and found the problem with the EVF was the diopter was out of adjustment.



Sure enough, after reading my user manual I found there was a little adjusting wheel on the side of the camera which adjusts, of all things, the diopter. Thirty seconds later it was in focus again.

This evening my daughter, Shelley, from Townsville called to say she entered and completed a Miss Muddy event.

A what???

Yep. A Miss Muddy event.  A 6 Klms mud, foam, coloured corn flour, water, ice, obstacles, mud, more obstacles and mud to challenge yourself course. Women only. I asked how many people were there. Thousands she said. Oh that’s a good number of spectators I replied. No, not spectators, thousands of women competed.


Two hundred women every 15 minutes for an obstacle event which lasted all day. The only part I did not like is there is not a similar event for men. I would love to be involved in something like this.

Take a look at this website.  http://www.missmuddy.com.au/



Last month I photographed and commented on a Super Moon. Tonight was another Super Mopon.

Last month I photographed and commented on a Super Moon. Tonight was another Super Mopon.

Super Moon with hand held camera.

Super Moon with hand held camera.


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2 Responses to “385. Sunday 10th August 2014. Painting, Lemmings, Miss Muddy and sailboat racing…”

  1. shan Says:

    Hi Frank, I think there is a men’s equivalent to the Miss Muddy. Not sure but I think it was borne out of the Tough Mudder movement. have a look online. I know Brian Gilling competes in these.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Thanks Shan, I had a look at the website. Those guys look too serious to me. I thought the “Mudder” would be fun.


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