384. Sunday 7th September 2014.Finish work, start packing, the Gold Coast beckons…

Sorry folks no photos to busy, too busy.

Monday 1st September

Oh boy. The tension is mounting.

The removalist is booked for 11th September although he may come earlier That alone creates a certain amount of uncertainty to heighten tension.

Each day we find more little jobs to do around the house in addition to getting things packed away in boxes. The packing job is going slowly.

Our solicitor sent us a settlement statement by email. Whew! This part makes me nervous, Taking a large sum of money out of our bank account and handing it to somebody without physically seeing something in return.

On arriving home from work I managed to put new melamine edging on a shelf in the kitchen cupboards. One shelf edging had begun to peel and had broken.

In addition I am still working.

Only another three days of work.

Tuesday 2nd September

After work I drove to the bank and made a large withdrawal in the form of a Bank Cheque. I then drove to the solicitors office and handed the cheque to somebody I do not know.


When I arrived home I sprayed the laundry and deck steps with an anti -slip coating then inside our bedroom I found a couple of places on one wall where a mirror has rubbed small areas which need touch up paint. Luckily I had a small can of such paint and quickly completed the job.

Our local real estate agent visited to have signatures placed on a contract to rent our house. The rental situation is running at a high of 8% vacancy at the moment. That is not good but we feel we have targeted our rent so it is attractive to tenants.

Before dinner we sat down to watch the news on TV and found we were both drifting off to sleep. We think this tiredness is a by-product of the tension.

Only two more days of work.

Wednesday 3rd September

At work the Managing Director announced she would not be in the office on my final day so arranged for us all to have lunch in the board room. What would I like? A list of options followed and I grabbed the first. Fish n Chips from Bucks Seafood. Buck has sold seafood from this store as long as I can remember. Buck has his own fishing trawler and most of the fish comes from him. He sold the shop several months ago and according to us locals who have been enjoying Bucks fish for many many years the fish is not as good, it is not cooked as well and it is just not the same. Anyway, we all sat in the boardroom and swapped yarns and threw jokes at one another and ate fish, chips and calamari until we were full. Then it was back to work.

Only another day of work.

Donnis managed to put a few things in boxes and in WWWGO but prefers to wait until I am home to do the task together.

I fell asleep watching TV again.

Thursday 4th September

My last day of work. I managed to clear my desk of outstanding files or passed them on to somebody else.



Co-worker Ian H suggested that all things come in threes so he expects me to return.


Friday 5th September.

The Airlie Beach Triathalon is being held this weekend and we are too busy to take the time to watch it.

I got a few text, Skype and phone birthday greetings today.

We took WWWGO to the fuel station and topped it up with diesel. No matter what time or day we leave next week we will not have to stop for fuel for at least another 500 Klms.

We took a load of  “surplus to needs” to the local “re-cycling station”. Instead of throwing things into the bin I put it all to one side. Before I had started the motor to TERIOS the vultures had arrived and were fighting over the bounty I had left. One woman had picked up the box in which I had put accumulated years of nuts, bolts, screws, nails and other assorted hardware and was putting it in her car. I am happy my cast off stuff is going to a good home.

While Donnis continued to pack things inside the house I worked at cleaning the leaves in the roof gutters.

The insurance company called to say repairs are approved and RALLYE can be brought in for panel beating and spray painting on Monday.

The tax agent called for us to call in on Tuesday morning to sign our completed tax assessment

The real estate agent called to make an appointment for a potential renter to look at the house on Tuesday afternoon.

The removalist called and brought the date forward to Wednesday 10th. Depending on the time they leave, RALLYE is finished and we complete the cleaning on the house and hand the keys into the agent we could be on our way south by late Wednesday afternoon. I would like to get a couple of hundred Klms on the road for our 1139 Klm trip to the Gold Coast. According to Google Maps it is a 13.5 hour journey. Of course it will be longer in WWWGO  as we drive slower than the speed limit but if I can get three or four hours of driving completed on the first day, another seven or eight hours on Thursday we can arrive fresh and bright eyed and bushy tailed on Friday morning.

Next week is already building to be a busy week

Saturday 6th September

No time for anything other than packing, cleaning and tidying. I feel like the rabbit in Alice through the Looking Glass. “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.” No time for anything other than keeping focused on the job ahead. Even so I still find myself abandoning one job and moving onto another then abandoning that job etc.

Somehow, slowly we are getting items packed away and although chaos still reigns I can see little patches of emptiness in the house and garage.

On reflection it was so much easier when we carried all of our world in WWWGO. We were like a tortoise and carried our home on our backs. We could pack up and move so easily.

Sunday 7th September

The leaves in the gutters have been cleared.

The penultimate trip to the “recycling station” was carried out this morning.

The day progressed slowly but as we moved boxes from the garage to the carport the little patches of emptiness grew.

Today is Fathers Day and thankfully all three daughters called or sent messages.

This time next week I will be reporting from the Gold Coast and a whole new adventure begins.


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