394. Sunday 16th November 2014. We experience three days of heat wave…

Monday 10th November

We packed some items we had stored for Peter and drove them in RALLYE to his new house.

Thursday 13th November

The same as Monday.

Friday 14th November

Day one of three days of predicted heat wave conditions. Last night we had put together a loose set of options of what to do to remain cool. Most of those options centred around staying put in the village. We have not yet insulated the ceiling cavity of our villa but that is on the long list of things we need to do before summer.

Gulp! Three days of heat wave and summer is not here yet!

Actually at the end of the day the day was not too hot.

Saturday 15th November

Day two of the heat wave and today we felt the heat. By mid- morning it was obvious the usual sea breeze was  missing. Instead we got a hot north westerly blustery wind straight out of the dry and hot hot hot interior. The temp peaked at 35 degrees.

In the morning, village resident Des, the man who runs a men’s shed called the Toy Boys asked me to join him when he took some toys to a Rotary Club Project known as Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Project. (   http://www.rotarysurferssunrise.org/wheeelChair.php   ) I was given a guided tour by Daryl S while Des delivered toys and collected re-cycled materials to make more toys. While on my tour a lady arrived with a plastic bag containing a few toys and lots of shampoo bottles. All will be included as a gift in each wheelchair shipped overseas. This group of dedicated men build wheelchairs from old bicycles. They can make a chair for less than $100. In the 17 years of their existence they have built and exported almost 6,300 wheelchairs to needy recipients in developing countries. Each box contains a wheelchair and a little gift. The men either make the component parts and assemble them at their huge shed or they ship the parts to a local prison or a Work for the Dole Group who then assemble the parts into a complete wheelchair. Those groups return the completed chairs to be shipped overseas. As part of the project of re-using as much re-cycled materials as possible they collect all aluminium and sell it. The funds raised as well as other funds from Rotary has enabled them to make a medical centre, a safe house and a school in developing island nation places ravaged by natural disasters.

The heat was a good excuse to close the doors and windows, turn on the air conditioning and watch all the G20 overseas dignatories arrive and go about the business of why they were here. Of particular interest was the speech given by Barak Obama at University of Queensland.

In the afternoon we joined several other residents cooling off in the pool.

Sunday 16th November

The heat wave conditions continue. In the morning I reached through the passenger window of RALLYE and pulled a muscle in my back. I had severe pain for the rest of the day.

For much of the day we turned on the AC and vegged out. Except that is when we went for a swim. Another ten residents had the same idea.

Next week we have a few things happening and building up to our next adventure.

Stay tuned.



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