396. Sunday 23rd November 2014. A new floor and a hazy lazy Sunday…

Monday 17th November

It was heat wave conditions here today so we went to Australia Fair Shopping Centre. We have never been here before and it was interesting wandering around the mall aisles which ran in different directions.

We lunched at a Chinese Restaurant overlooking Southport Parkland s and the Broadwater.

After lunch I looked at…drum roll… a bidet! Yep! A bidet. Why? Simply because there was a shop selling all different models and it was interesting.

Tuesday 18th November

We spent the day emptying the lounge and dining rooms in preparation for the new bamboo flooring to be installed tomorrow. We chose a floor colour called Bondi to complement the “beach house” style of house and location near the beach. (   http://www.embelton.com/bamboo-flooring/embelton-bamboo-colours  )

Nearing the end of the day Donnis mentioned she was not feeling well and in fact thought she had bronchitis. What the! So sick so quickly without any prior symptoms?

Wednesday 19th November

The floor guys arrived at 6.30 am ready for a 7am start. They were a bit miffed that our local by-laws forbid power tools before 8am but there was plenty of preparation work to be carried out. The old carpet, which I liken to pale Arnotts Lattice Biscuits but for our overseas visitors if you can imagine waffle style carpet in a pale beige colour.

Double click on the photo to view the waffle like carpet.

Double click on the photo to view the waffle like carpet.

The carpet was old, stained and with flat spots where previous furniture was placed. It was time for it to go. Donnis suffers from allergies and dust allergies in carpet gives her sneezing fits.

RALLYE was booked in for a 320,000 Klm service so we delivered it to Helensvale and returned to the village and set up our recliner chairs in the shade of the gazebo beside the creek. It was a hot day but in the shade with a cool breeze from the ocean blowing in along the creek it was a relaxing spot to spend our day.

Late in the afternoon we went to collect RALLYE. The mechanic had called mid- morning to ask when the timing belt was last replaced as they should be replaced every 100,000 Klms Umm Err I recall when it was first replaced at 100,000 Klms and I had baulked at the cost but was convinced it was necessary. I do not recall replacing it at 200,000 or 300,000 Klms. So I said Ok go ahead and replace it and all the seals as RALLYE has been leaking oil for most of the year. An oil leak in RALLYE was unheard of in the past. The mechanic told me he could not believe the timing belt had lasted this long as it was severely perished and should have broken a long time ago. If it had broken the engine would have seized and require a total replacement.

A storm arrived at the same time we did. The temperature dropped, the day darkened, rain fell along with lightning flashes and the wind changed direction and cooled the day considerably. To be safe I placed a flattened cardboard box under RALLYE when I parked it on the driveway.

After the flooring guys had gone for the day we returned all the furniture plus furniture from the two bedrooms which will have flooring laid tomorrow.

Thursday 20th November

The flooring guys had promised to arrive early again so Donnis and I moved the bed and bedroom suite into the lounge room. We left the villa so the guys had a clear work space. I spent most of the day in the shade of the gazebo while Donnis attended her Tai Chi session followed by her swim in the pool.

I checked RALLYE for oil leaks. NONE! So far, so good.

The flooring is finished and looks good. Now we have to return all the furniture to where it belongs.

Our new "Bondi" Bamboo floor looking from front door.

Our new “Bondi” Bamboo floor looking from front door.

New floor seen from lounge room looking to dining alcove.

New floor seen from lounge room looking to dining alcove.

Donnis health had taken a turn for the worse during the afternoon. Perhaps she should not have gone for the swim.

Friday 21st November

Checked  RALLYE. No oil leaks.

On my usual walk this morning I noticed a young Magpie with a wing caught in fresh Golden Cane fronds. I approached to help but being a bit wary of that sharp beak realised not only would the birds struggles make its entrapment worse but in its panic would strike at me. I approached from behind and grabbed the bird and tried to lift it up the fronds. In its panic it did try to skewer me as well as letting out a series of screeches. Uh Oh. A cranky mum was nearby and dive bombed me striking me in the head. It then turned mid -air ready for its next bombing run. I managed to lift the young bird further up the fronds before mum struck again I then grabbed the fronds and spread them. The bird dropped to the ground squawking and flapping and striking at my feet as mum ran another bombing raid. The youngster with all its flapping managed to get airborne and it and mum flew off together.

Donnis stayed in bed as she had a bad night with congestion and coughing.

I moved things around and started preparing the garage to move shelving from the spare room. Once the spare room is empty I will put down underlay and a good piece of carpet salvaged from the second bedroom.

We have been eating lettuce and radish and basil I planted not long after we arrived here. The tomato plants are now almost a metre tall and beginning to show flower buds. Several bean plants are competing with the tomatoes. We should have a crop by Christmas.

Sunday 23rd November

Donnis was beginning to feel better but we both feel a bit cooped up after the floor was laid and we are re-arranging furniture. In the afternoon we drove to Nobby’s Beach. We had to drive through Surfers Paradise and it was something to see. Yesterday about 25,000 final high school students descend on the party capital to get drunk and let their hair down. Or is that let their hair down and get drunk? This is what is known as Schoolies Week.  We saw young people draped over the footpaths and even two boys too drunk to walk but being supported by a shopping trolley.

The afternoon breeze was blowing salt laden air across the beach giving it a foggy look. It was good to get out of the house just for a few hours.

Headland at Nobby's Beach.

Headland at Nobby’s Beach.

Surfers Paradise seen through the mist from the top of the headland at Nobby's Beach.

Surfers Paradise seen through the mist from the top of the headland at Nobby’s Beach.

Checked RALLYE. There is an oil leak.



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6 Responses to “396. Sunday 23rd November 2014. A new floor and a hazy lazy Sunday…”

  1. placestheygo Says:

    The new floor looks great! Nothing worse than old worn, dirty carpet.

    Hope the no oil leak continues!!

    Glad Donnis is feeling better:)


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Pam, thanks for the comment. Now we have returned much of the furniture we have decided to maintain an uncluttered look and maintain that beach house style and feel. Especially now that summer is rushing towards us and we have already had a few heatwave days.


  2. shan Says:

    floor looks great guys. hope you feel better Donnis. Love Shan n Dave


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Shan, yeah we are happy with the floor and Donnis is… improving. Some days she thinks she is 100% OK but once the cooler evening air arrives she starts the coughing again. Looking forward to seeing you over Christmas and to show off our villa. Love Frank n Donnis


  3. Red Nomad OZ Says:

    Wow! You HAVE been busy!! I think oil leaks are a sad fact of vehicle ownership – they’re not all serious! We’ve learned to live with ours 😀


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Red, thanks for commenting again. The oil leak is particularly galling to me as I have had the car since new in 1995. It did not leak until we returned from three years of travelling and got it back on the road again. Maybe we will have to learn to live with it. Maybe it is time to move on… Shhh I do not want to mention trading it in, just in case. You know sort of like creating bad karma.


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