397. Sunday 30th November 2014. Another week zooms by us…

Monday 24th November

On my walk this morning I encountered a snake on the roadway inside the village. From its size, colour and markings I believe it to be a Brown Tree Snake. This snake seemed to be well fed with a thicker body than I have encountered on tree snakes before. Although I believe it was a tree snake I should mention it is best to leave them alone. Most tree snakes are non- venomous but can bite. The BTS does have a mild venom and also launches into an S strike pose when threatened. As I said, leave them alone.


After I installed a micro spray with timer watering system in my garden I have installed another two and been asked to install another two this week.

I have carefully chosen the parts, particularly the timer so the price is acceptable. For about two hours work I charge $20. Depending on fittings I usually charge $55 to $60 for a fully operational watering system. Imagine my annoyance when today I went to a Bunnings store which carries all the items I need to find the timer and a Y piece are out of stock. Not just out of stock at my local store but out of stock at nearby stores as well. I can use another timer but that adds another $15 to the price.

Later in the morning we met up with Merilyn from Melbourne who arrived on the Gold Coast over the weekend to visit with her son Greg. After coffee we took Merilyn shopping for a few essentials, such as tea, which Greg, being a busy bachelor does not keep in his unit. Then Merilyn and Donnis disappeared into Australia Fair Shopping Centre while I went back to the villa to install a couple of magnetic door stops, a soap dispenser and rubber non slip cups for the caster wheels on our bed. It has a habit of sliding on the new floor when we get in or out of bed.

Tuesday 25th November

Merilyn called. She was at Harbourtown Shopping Town across the road from our village. We brought her back to the villa and prepared to leave for Broadbeach. Friend Glenda is having a break with her mum in a high rise holiday unit (it is owned by her brother) and invited us to a dinner. After a short walk on the beach we settled down for dinner. Painters had just finished painting the hallway around the lift foyer and outside Glenda’s unit. The paint was oil based. I do not handle oil based paint fumes all that well and could still smell the fumes inside the unit. By the time I had eaten a fume headache had a grip on me and was getting worse. After two Panadol I lay down on a bed and was asleep in minutes. So much for a pleasant night out!

Wednesday 26th November.

Another stinking hot day with high humidity. The type of day which encourages you to do nothing. Donnis is still unwell so we lazed around the villa all day.

Thursday 27th November

We spent most of the day emptying the back room and cleaning the walls and floor in preparation for??? The vague plan is to paint the walls and doors then lay the underlay and carpet we salvaged from the second bedroom when the bamboo floor was laid. Once it is looking tidy and clean we will most likely put in a small lounge which converts to a bed .Add a small second TV and use it as a guest room.

Friday 28th November

We attended the monthly Fish n Chips night (we had burgers and chips tonight) along with a small bingo evening. We seem to enjoy these low level evenings with lots of laughs and good company. Some of the residents in the village have decorated their villa with Christmas lights. Compared to us   (we have one small length of solar LED lights), their houses look like Chevy Chase house in the movie Christmas Vacation.

Saturday 29th November

Darn drat fizzle spit. I forgot my camera again.

We drove from the Gold Coast to Redcliffe north of the Brisbane River and spent a productive time looking at items we want for the villa. More on that next week.  Afterwards we drove to visit Peter at his new house. We spied his car going in the other direct ion as he was entering a roundabout while were exiting the same roundabout. There was no way we could turn around and chase him as we had no idea where he was headed. Instead we continued to his house and dropped off a few items and Christmas goodies.

Sunday 30th November.

I hate shopping. Just ask Donnis. My idea of shopping is I know what I want and where to find it. Then I go and get it. Donnis idea of shopping is wander around and pick things up with no clear idea of what she wants. It can go on for hours. I get bored and frustrated.

Today we went shopping, ostensibly for “D” rings to add curtain wands  to the new curtains. That was just an excuse to  wander around and feel things and say how nice they would look etc etc etc. Wow! Thank goodness I take my Kindle with me and can find a comfortable chair.

Donnis was offered a nursing position at Lightning Ridge Hospital for two months commencing 8th December. We will not know if she has the job until Monday as other people may have applied as well. Lightning Ridge is about 100 Klms from Collarenebi where she spent Christmas last year. We know the area and Donnis is already on the NSW Health payroll system and has references from two local hospitals in that area last year and this year.

Stay tuned as we will know more of what we are doing by then. The plans we made prior to this weekend may have to be changed. Expect some dramatic changes by next week.


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