398. Sunday 7th December 2014. WWWGO goes, so does Donnis and unrevealed plans…

Monday 1st December

I can now announce that Donnis has accepted a contract nursing position at Lightning Ridge Hospital for two months. She will leave here on Saturday. Although there are still a few days between now and then there is lots to do and more announcements will follow.

Of course that changes all our plans for this month. We are not certain if there will be a Christmas this year!

I can now announce that we have sold WWWGO as we have been negotiating for the last few weeks. I have withheld mentioning the sale in previous posts until the sale was signed, sealed paid and delivered. We had originally planned on delivering WWWGO  to Adelaide towing TERIOS behind. Then we would take a leisurely three weeks to drive home via the Great Ocean Road and the New South Wales coast visiting family & friends along the way.

The purchasers changed their minds and now want to collect WWWGO from the Gold Coast and learn how to drive and get used to it as they drive it home themselves. They arrive tomorrow.

We do not yet have an alternate plan apart from getting Donnis on her way. I normally do not like to announce plans as they so often change.


Tuesday 2nd December

The new owners arrived today and paid the balance of the purchase price. In the morning I collected them from Coolangatta Airport and we had New Zealand Fish Burgers for lunch.  We spent some time showing them how things work on WWWGO before preparing a stir fry for dinner. After dinner we discussed a few more ideas for their travel plans and soon we were all yawning.

Donnis with new  owners Chris and Frances.

Donnis with new owners Chris and Frances.

Frank with the new WWWGO owners Chris & Frances.

Frank with the new WWWGO owners Chris & Frances.

New owners Chris and Frances, seated, belted up and all ready to begin their adventure

New owners Chris and Frances, seated, belted up and all ready to begin their adventure

Wednesday 3rd December

Frank, as usual was awake.  By 4am. WWWGO new owners were awake by 5am.

After a hurried training session it was all systems go and we watched WWWGO drive through the gate onto the main road and out of our life.

Sob Sob. BooHoo.

It may sound kind of trite and corny to write the above words. However it is true. We have both felt the sense of loss tinged with regret that this chapter of our adventures and travels has closed and we will be moving into a new beginning. Yes I did feel choked up and struggled to hold back, a tear perhaps? The new owners had indicated a rough plan on the delivery to Adelaide and had professed a wanting to stop at Bingarra NSW for a few days. I suggested what to me would be the best route.

Most of the remainder of the day involved Donnis organizing her clothes etc for HER big journey on Saturday. The trip to Lightning Ridge will take her along the same route as WWWGO with the difference being that just outside Inverell NSW, Donnis will continue to Warialda, Moree, Collarenebri, Walgett and LR. WWWGO will turn off just outside Inverell and follow the Gwydir River to Bingarra. The new WWWGO owners will camp beside the river at much the same location where we camped for a few days in November 2010.


Thursday 4th December

On my usual early morning walk I passed the empty space where WWWGO has been parked for the last two months. It has been a sight which I am so familiar. This morning, just seeing a blank space haunted me with memories until I let myself through the security gate. Then it was down to the business of my power walk, exercise and yoga to occupy my mind.

Once I started writing these lines  it all came flooding back again. On reflection I looked at other chapters in my/our lives where we needed to move on and change lifestyles.

For example as each of our children were born and reached milestones in their lives. On a personal note I was heavily involved with Motorcycle Trials riding and one year decided to give it all up. I sold the bike, the trailer, the spares, the special boots, helmet and gloves etc and never went back.

I also owned a yacht and the pleasure I felt using it was tempered by the fact it was not used much at all but it was a difficult decision but once made I moved on.

The same with selling and buying houses. The decision to sell and leave is difficult but is soon put behind you as you move on.

Our first motorhome, a converted Toyota Coaster bus was used as a trade-in on WWWGO and once the decision was made it was put behind us and we moved on. That said, WWWGO has given us much more enjoyment than the Coaster. Or the yacht.

Donnis knee has been giving her problems the last two weeks and this afternoon she had acupuncture treatment

Friday5th December

Donnis had another acupuncture treatment in the morning and the rest of the day was spent packing. Groceries will be an expensive item at remote Lightning Ridge so she is packing lots of groceries and “just in case” items.

Saturday 6th December.

RALLYE was packed almost to the roof line. WE have noted previously that items packed in the boot become baked after a long trip of a few hundred kilometres in blazing sun. We have decided to drop one section of the back seat to allow hot air to escape and air conditioned air to circulate in the boot.

By 9.30 am Donnis was on her way.

BOO HOO Sob Sob Sob.

She called at each rest stop as contrary to mentioned on Tuesday, Donnis has decided to take a different route which cuts 90 minutes and a hundred Klms off the journey. As it is on roads partially through suburbia and partial toll roads and she has to travel north before heading west then south then west and through an area she has not travelled before she felt uncertain about the route. That said each time she called she was on track following the written instructions and maps I gave her. She reached Moree NSW by 6pm and has about 250 klms to travel tomorrow.

Sunday 7th December

Donnis arrived at LR just before midday.

The trip was as planned and RALLYE performed as it orta and has done for all these years.

On the subject of RALLYE we have been looking at a new or near new car. Although I would love to have another Subaru we have to look at fuel consumption as a factor. The Toyota Prius with a consumption of 3.8 litres per 100 Klms and the Camry which has a larger motor but still returns 5.8 litres per 100 Klms. At this stage we will stay with RALLYE unless we find a car in the right price bracket.

I enjoyed Happy Hour with another 4 neighbours then made a pizza for dinner and shared it with the group who were still happy houring and enjoying a drink or two.

I have some plans for the coming week but will not mention them until they occur.

See you on the other side of next week.


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2 Responses to “398. Sunday 7th December 2014. WWWGO goes, so does Donnis and unrevealed plans…”

  1. placestheygo Says:

    Gee, not a good week for you. Losing the RV and Donnis in one week is tough. Good you have nice neighbors to help keep you busy:)


    • frankeeg Says:

      G’day, I had not thought of selling WWWGO and Donnis going to work as “losing” them. On reflection I see that that is a correct view. It was and still is a gut wrenching decision to sell and then to finally see it go. More so in the final couple of days with Donnis at home we kept busy then suddenly it was Saturday morning and the car was packed and she was gone also. I have not slept well these last few nights, waking at 3am and struggling to get back to sleep. In time I will get my mind sorted. Last night Donnis and I (on the phone) discussed plans for Christmas, the New Year and housesitting for a week in the new year. The good news is it involves spending some time together (just a few days) travel and photo opportunities.


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