409. Sunday 15th February 2015. A quiet week ends on the beach at Surfers Paradise…

Monday 9th February

Today we had insulation batts installed in our ceiling. Anybody who has ever had anything to do with installing said batts will know it is a totally unpleasant job. That is the reason I was not doing the job myself. As well I have heard too many horror stories of batts being installed over electrical fittings, causing a short and ending with a house being destroyed by fire. Added to that were the deaths of four installers a few years ago stapling insulation in place and being electrocuted. Our house is steel framed adding to the concerns of electrical problems.    Of course it was a hot sunny day and the man doing the installation was alone, his assistant was away suffering from bereavement leave of a funeral last week for the death of a friend’s young baby. I was a bit anxious all the time the man was in the ceiling cavity and grateful when he completed the task and he was in one piece and healthy although he had lost some weight due to heavy perspiration.

Tuesday 10th February

The house seems cooler today although by midday it was overcast and we had some showers.

It felt cooler as we walked into the house from outside.


Saturday 14th February – Valentines Day.

Hmmm! What romantic things did we do today?

The new bed I ordered two weeks ago arrived wrapped in plastic. We worked together removing the

plastic and assembling the little legs. Donnis baked a cake – Gluten free – made from almond meal –

to take with us as we were visiting Peter, Regelyn and Chris. On arrival we discovered the cake, which was lovingly placed in a wicker basket with a cloth around it was left on a chair on our verandah.

Sunday 15th February

After a week of doing much other than things which needed doing around the house I was being to feel house bound. We had to get out of the house.

The Gold Coast always has a program of activities almost every week and especially on weekends. This week there was a sand sculpture competition in progress and we thought it might be interesting to have a look late in the afternoon. Imagine our surprise to find that upon arrival at Surfers Paradise the traffic was crawling along the esplanade and most of them, like us, was looking for a parking spot. Then came the obstacle course of walking along the path along with thousands of other people all stopping to look at the sand sculptures and or the markets which were still in full swing this late in the afternoon.150215 crowd1 150215 crowd

Interestingly instead of the sculptures being carried out on the beach the sand was brought up onto the esplanade. The theme was Disney characters,150215 sculpture3 150215 sculpture2 150215 sculpture1 150215 sculpture

We then walked back along the beach paddling in the waves as they slid up on the shore.150215 surfers How can I convey the wonderful feeling of being on the beach, sand between my toes, water lapping my legs and breathing the salt laden air.


We must do this more often.


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5 Responses to “409. Sunday 15th February 2015. A quiet week ends on the beach at Surfers Paradise…”

  1. cliftontravels Says:

    No wonder you didn’t call back 🙂 On 15 Feb 2015 21:45, “Frank & Donnis Travel Blog the more we see the more


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Geoff, thanks for understanding. Will try to call tomorrow or use Donnis phone to call today. Cheers


  2. sydneyjack Says:

    I love this. My wife and I visited Surfers Paradise in February, 2013. When we were there, a cyclone blew through for the whole five days, but we still fell in love with the place. These pictures bring back memories. Now we are home in north Idaho. It is 41 degrees Fahrenheit and chilly. Some day we will return to Australia, and that trip will include a week or more at Surfers Paradise. Too bad you didn’t include the Surfers Paradise Meter Maids. They were a cool and special part of the trip.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Thanks for reading our blog but especially thank you for your comments. If you troll back through the menu you will find other posts about Sydney and the Gold Coast. In all the crush with humanity yesterday I came face to face with a couple of meter maids and as usual they said hello. I thought of taking a photo but another family wanted group photos and I was not prepared to wait.hmmm! I live here and we only have to take a walk along Surfers Paradise and I am sure we can find the meter maids again. Watch this space for a photo. Cheers


  3. sydneyjack Says:

    My wife and I also loved Sydney, Bondi Beach, Lorne, Puffing Billy, and riding the ferry boats in Sydney Harbour. I can’t say enough positive about Australia.


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