416. Sunday 5th April 2015. Boogie boarding, Easter and a family visit…

Monday 30th March

I rode just 8 Klms today.

I bought a Boogie Board today.

In my excitement of trying my new board I went to Southport Beach, OR as locals tell me, it is actually Main Beach and the Southport SLC just happens to be there.

Hmmm! Whatever.

I took my Boogie Board to Southport/Main Beach. Imagine my disappointment on arrival to find the same dumping type waves I encountered last Friday. Struggling against the constant white water, undertow and dumping waves I did manage to catch a few waves on my new Boogie Board. Hereinafter it will be called BOOGIE.

Hmmm! That’s a bit of an unfortunate name.

Tuesday 31st March.

On this day in 4 weeks I will be winging my way to…Canada. More details will be provided a little closer to departure.

In the morning I rode a bit more than 20 Klms. This ride included crossing the Broadwater at Southport Bridge, then to Southport/Main Beach and following the cycle path towards The Spit until it degenerates into a sandy track then turn around and ride home.

After lunch BOOGIE accompanied me to THE BEACH where I was dismayed to find the surf was dumpers again. In fact it was so bad I was confined to surfing white water as it was simply impossible to catch a green wave.

Friday 3rd April – Good Friday

In the morning some 54 of the residents went to the clubhouse to enjoy Easter eggs, hot cross buns and tea and coffee along with a chance to catch up and have a chin wag.

Last night a few of us went to a Runaway Bay Junior Rugby League Club for dinner. Marie won a seafood tray in a raffle. Marie shared the tray at lunchtime today. The tray included shelled and unshelled prawns, smoked salmon, oysters, and crab sticks. There was enough seafood to satisfy the hunger of 6 people. Along with a couple of beers and a couple of Bundaberg Rum and Chocolate Liqueurs I had a full tummy and felt relaxed. I went home and sat in my recliner – just for a moment you understand – and woke two hours later.

Saturday 4th April

Today, on behalf of the National Servicemen’s organisation to raise funds for our upcoming Anzac Day ceremonies we conducted a sausage sizzle at Bunnings. I have never been part of a sausage sizzle and was amazed at the volume of sales. During the 7.5 hours we had 14 volunteers working in two shifts. Bunnings donated hundreds of Hot Cross Buns which we sliced and buttered and handed to shoppers  – free! We used 15 Kg of sausages which equates to around 600 sausages, 10 loaves of bread, 7 Kg of sliced onions and 12 dozen cans of drink and water. At the end of the day we had raised $1,300. Considering we hoped to raise $1,000 it was a very good effort.

Sunday 5th April

The weather seems strange.

Here on the coast we are enjoying days of 30°.

Brother Allan called from Forster in NSW and he complained at how chilly it was there.

Donnis reports from Canada – it is Spring – it is cold. She wears three layers of clothes and has a wood fire burning.

About midday daughter Averyl and grandchildren Shelby Rose and Anakin arrived. It was so good to see them again. Averyl had organised to join extended family for a dinner at Teranora just over the border in NSW. Their house overlooks the same valley and Murwillumbah which Donnis and I saw from the The Best of All Lookouts  several weeks ago. Included amongst the many family members was a famous Australian Test and One Day International  Cricketer and his wife an equally famous world champion golfer. After dinner and on our way home I drove to Coolangatta and the Captain Cook Memorial Light at Point Danger   (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Point_Danger_Light ) on the Qld NSW border. Anakin wanted to be able to stand with one foot in each state. The lighthouse is actually the first experimental  Laser Light used in the world instead of the traditional type of light.

We have another three days of visit to pack in as much sightseeing as we can.


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