449. Sunday 26th July 2015. At home on the Goldie, an old friend says goodbye and moving stuff around…

Monday 20th July

What a delightful sunny warm winters day. A little breeze had a slight cool edge to it but otherwise it was a day for getting out and about and doing a little gardening.

Mid morning a White Faced Heron decided to grace the bonnet of TERIOS.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White-faced_heron   At first I was inclined to name this a Little Blue Heron but soon realised the LBH is native to North and South America and does not migrate to Australasia. He stood there, on one foot for an hour. 200715 heron1Thinking perhaps it was injured, I cautiously approached. It lowered the other foot perhaps in readiness for flight but otherwise ignored me. I moved away and the foot was once more pulled up into the chest and was hidden by feathers.

What appears to be a one legged Heron

What appears to be a one legged Heron

Hmmm! I have seen this Heron walking around our village streets and poking its beak into front gardens.

In the late afternoon black clouds began to roll in.

Tuesday 21st July

It rained overnight and most of the day. There is nothing more I can add.

Wednesday 22nd July

What we did today has nothing whatsoever to do with travel…except in an oblique sort of reverse result of travel. Travelling in those years between 2010 and 2014 meant our house and belongings were packed away. There was little thought on what was packed. Everything was packed.

We returned to our house in Airlie Beach in early 2014 and everything was unpacked. Again, little thought was given to what was being unpacked. It was simply put in cupboards or shelves if we had no immediate use for items.

By August 2014 we had bought our “Beach House” on the Gold Coast and it was time to pack again. We sold some items, gave away many items but there was simply too much accumulated “stuff” and it was packed and shipped to our new home. Once more it was unpacked and stuffed into corners, crevices and any opening we could find.

Today we began the long overdue process of sorting through our stuff and essentially made three piles. What belongs to children, what belongs to us and what is to be given away, sold, recycled or thrown away.

The biggest pile by far is the stuff belonging to children. We do not have the room to store it for them. It must be returned. One of us, who will not be named, still wants to hold on to “mementos”.

The third pile, although relatively small, took up lots of space as it was all packed in plastic boxes. Mostly the boxes were half full. (or for the pessimistic, half empty). The kind of stuff are dozens of extension cords and double adapters, old power cables for printers and computers long ago relegated to the dump. Manuals for said computers and printers. What do we do with hundreds of music CD’s now that our music is digitally transferred to the laptop, the iPad and the car entertainment centre. What do we do with old garden pond pumps and accessories. Old pens, compliments of some business in another place,  the ink now dry, propelling pencils for which we no longer have replacement leads. Note pads started but still with 95% of the pages untouched. Old cameras with leaking batteries, torches with ditto batteries, stickers, old screwdriver sets, picture hanging hook kits, a huge box of felt pads for sticking on the bottom of furniture legs.  Old plastic hooks with sticky backs still in the original packaging now yellowed with age. Photos in frames and in boxes, colours fading with age, childhood keepsakes and the list goes on.

And on.

And on.

So far this pile has moved from in, on and around the steel cabinets to floor space inside the house to be further sorted. Some actually made it into the garbage.

I mentioned this was an oblique reverse result of travel. Had we not travelled we would still be in Airlie Beach putting away more stuff to gather dust and age. Travel has shown we do not need most of this stuff and it can be given back to its owners, sold or given away.

Thursday 23rd July

The movement of stuff continues. Some family photos have been hung on the walls of our spare room. The hanging of photos was hijacked by the movement of stuff. We managed to empty one steel storage cabinet and move it into a storage shed where we had made room by moving other stuff out and putting it into aforementioned crevices, corners and openings. Oh, some went into the garbage. We will return to hanging the photos when we move some of the stuff still being sorted.


While all this moving and sorting was going on, a man came to look at TERIOS. He wants the car including the towing hitch. He left a deposit and I now have to put all the tow hitch stuff back on the vehicle, re-attach the roof racks ready for him to collect when the roadworthy certificate is issued. My afternoon was spent putting the hitch back on TERIOS.

Friday 24th July.

Our tyres have aged since 2011 and the side walls are now cracking. The tread is fine but due to the cracking in the rubber we need 4 new tyres.


We now have a Roadworthy OR Safety Certificate.

Saturday 25th July.

The man returned with his Mazda ute, hitched up TERIOS, had a quick run through about towing tips and after placing cash in our hands and signing the transfer papers he was gone.

Oh Boo Hoo.

Sob Sob.

The final link with WWWGO is now gone. Our motorhome travels have come to an end.

There was much sadness overnight and this morning.

All is not finished. As has been shown in our overseas trip and life prior to our first motorhome, COASTER, we can and will continue to travel.

Sunday 26th July.

No travel today. Unless you include the trip to Bunnings to buy a new toilet cistern with soft closing toilet seat lid.

I spent the afternoon installing the toilet. The new cistern is a slim line style so the wall around it is discoloured so I have an excuse for re-painting the bathroom.



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2 Responses to “449. Sunday 26th July 2015. At home on the Goldie, an old friend says goodbye and moving stuff around…”

  1. Geoff Says:

    Hi Frank, thanks for dropping by my blog and your comments. After reading your blog we must have been travelling close on several occasions. We are still updating our Canada trip, you’ve done a great job with yours and a great read.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Geoff, those were my thoughts too! We even stopped at Lake Moyie. I will have another look at your blog next week and hope it has been updated by then. Cheers


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