450. Sunday 2nd August 2015. Sights at the beach and considerable pain…

Thursday 30th July

OMG!!! It is the end of July already. Where has the time gone?

Not much happened earlier in the week.

As reported last post we sold TERIOS…more sobbing can be heard in the background…still!

Although I always said we would never have a dishwasher or a dryer the vote went against me. The other voter also has a casting vote. We bought a dryer and a dishwasher. Logically there are times when a dryer will be handy as we simply do not have any undercover area to hang the washing and during the winter the sun does not reach the drying area.

We spent the early part of the week pulling doors off the kitchen cabinet under the sink, removing shelves and sawing away the chipboard kickboard to make a space for the dishwasher. The washer is a small 45cm width and fits neatly into the space allowing 15cm space left over. We have also fitted a roll out stainless steel 15cm shelf and will use a cut down cabinet door to attach to the shelf, maintaining the line of the rest of the cabinet doors. The door and dishwasher will be installed on Sunday when the plumbing and electricity are installed.

The big event which happened today was an EARTHQUAKE! It occurred at 9.45 am about 300 Klms off the Queensland coast roughly about in line with Wide Bay. The quake was a 5.3 intensity on the Richter scale. I was drilling a hole in the wall to install a sliding tea towel holder. I heard a rumble a vibration through the floor. “Bloody concrete trucks next door” I thought. Donnis called out, “did you feel that? The TV was shaking on its stand! “Yeah” I said. “Just those noisy trucks next door”. Then our neighbour called out that she was getting phone calls and had we had an Earthquake? I turned on the radio. Sure enough there had been an Earthquake. The radio announcer asked a Senior Seismologist why a Tsunami warning had not been issued. Panic and hysteria were audibly suppressed in her voice. “We do not expect a Tsunami to eventuate and given the size of the quake and distance offshore a Tsunami would not be expected”, he said.

As events turned out, he was proven correct.

No loss of life.

No damage to buildings or property.

No mass panic. (Just mild panic from some parts of the population)

No interruption to daily life.

A topic of conversation for the dinner table.

Friday 31st July

Today we planned to go for a walk on Main Beach, Broadbeach or Southport Beach which to my mind is one beach but depending on where you are standing it could be one of those three already named or another dozen names.

Just before we left home we heard on ABC Radio, the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force for those who might not know) were going to fly a Royal Australian Air Force C-17A Globemaster Cargo plane along the coast about 100 metres above sea level. That’s another good reason for going for a walk. That and of course a lovely sunny winters day with temp around 24°, little breeze if any, clear water and a half metre swell.


This aircraft has a payload of 77 tonnes and was being used today to raise funds and awareness for the White Ribbon Charity which has a White Ribbon Function tonight. The Globemaster left Amberley AFB about 10am flew to Byron Bay in northern NSW then flew along the coast to Stradbroke Island, across Moreton Bay to follow the Brisbane River and back to Amberley, all at low level.

C. 17A flying low over the ocean. Note the white ribbon.

C. 17A flying low over the ocean. Note the white ribbon.

Wow! What a sight.

What we did not know was the St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School Annual Fund Raising Walkathon was being held at exactly the same time. Can you imagine up to 1,000 primary students from year 1 to year six accompanied by mums and dads walking along the beach for 1 Klm then turning around and walking back.  The beach looked like mass of big ants had invaded.

Schoolchildren looking like a mass of ants.

Schoolchildren looking like a mass of ants.

How was the fund raising conducted? Easy. Each student had to attend and each parent had to “sponsor” each child. Mums and Dads were encouraged to walk and had to also pay for the privilege.

More children and Surfers.

More children and Surfers.

After the walk, those students with parents in tow were allowed to leave with their parents. Yay! An early Friday afternoon of no school.

Schoolchildren and Srfers Paradise.

Schoolchildren and Srfers Paradise.

Those children whose parents have to work were bussed back to school. Bugga!

Oh it was wonderful to walk barefoot in the sand with occasional waves sliding up the beach to wrap and splash around our feet, ankles and sometimes to our knees.310715 boat The sun was shining and within minutes we felt the wonderful radiating warmth and just a hint of breeze on our faces. We have to remember this is winter, water temperature is about the same as air temperature and only good weather is on its way.

Maybe tomorrow will be good for another walk.

Saturday 1st August

While eating lunch the table shook and the house trembled. Queensland experienced another offshore earthquake. This one was much bigger than the Thursday quake. This one measured 5,7 on the Richter scale. No property damage, no injuries, no loss of life.

About 4pm we finally went for the walk we have been wanting to do all day. We arrived at Southport Beach and as we did yesterday, we turned left and saw a new vista. This time it was a long line of beach fishers.

Taiwanese fisherman lined along Main Beach

Taiwanese fisherman lined along Main Beach

It seems both the Taiwanese and Vietnamese communities have  a beach fishing excursion here every year.

Well organised fishermen...and women.

Well organised fishermen…and women.

Both groups a separated by  500 metre stretch of beach. The sight of fishing rods along the beach stretching into the salty air in the distant gathering sunset was another wow moment for us.

Fisher persons with Surfers Paradise, in the background.

Fisher persons with Surfers Paradise, in the background.



Surfers Paradise reflected in the wet sands.

Surfers Paradise reflected in the wet sands.

Distinctive bronze statue, called "MELODY"by the sculpture, Frank Miles.

Distinctive bronze statue, called “MELODY”by the sculpture, Frank Miles.

Sunday 2nd August

This morning on my early morning bike ride, I took the little Sony Cybershot camera to photograph the sunrise.

Sunrise over the Broadwater.

Sunrise over the Broadwater.

Sunrise reflections.

Sunrise reflections.

Mission accomplished, I was cycling home and rode off the bike path onto the grass to avoid a group of chatters standing across the path. When I tried to return to the pathway the front wheel caught on the concrete edge and I was thrown over the handlebars. Several flapping somersaults and bodily pain instances later I came to a full stop, on my back wondering if all my body parts were still with me and functioning. I also took time to determine that, I, in fact, was still with me and functioning. Result? A face plant on the pathway. A facial abrasion and black eye, nose abrasion, Oakley sunglass lens scratched beyond repair and a large graze on my left shin. Then a group of faces and concerned voices began to slowly come into focus above me. The mobile phone was working and with difficulty and as much dignity as I could musrer, called Donnis. By now my pain and shock were settling in. The concerned women suggested, strongly, I allow them to call an Ambulance.

I was 100% sure my left wrist was broken. The ambulance took me to Alamanda Private Hospital as they thought the Gold Coast University Hospital is too busy. Although I was seen immediately I spent most of the day on a hospital gurney. X-rays confirmed the wrist is broken but it seems the damage may be worse. They made an appointment for me to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon tomorrow and made a temporary cast to give the wrist stability. During my stay at the hospital I was given morphine for pain. Hmmm! All that hype about morphine, all it did for me was to take the edge off the pain and stop the shakes when adrenalin kicked in. I was also given a script for Endone, a morphine based pain killer so I can manage pain at home.

Stay tuned for the visit to the orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow,


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8 Responses to “450. Sunday 2nd August 2015. Sights at the beach and considerable pain…”

  1. placestheygo Says:

    Geez!!! Everything was moving along nicely in this post, then bam!! You are all messed up! I do hope you are all right and look forward to hearing how things turn out. Thinking of you:)


  2. Val Rigoli Says:

    Well bugger hey Frank!!
    You are doing well doing the blog poking with one finger, however it’s likely you will have to reacquaint yourself with the TV and other single handed activities for a while.
    I guess the only good thing it that it’s your left wrist and not your right!

    I hope the healing and the time goes quickly.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Val, yeah bugga bugga bugga.Doc gave lots of pain killers. Hopefully the work better than the morphine the hospital gave,


  3. shan Says:

    Thank goodness you are right handed (I hope) what a blow frank . Keep us posted. Not good 😦


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