451. Sunday 9th August 2015. An operation, pain, travel accompanied by pain…

Monday 3rd August

Hmmm! For some reason I did not take any photos this week. I must have been distracted.

Today is the tomorrow I wrote about yesterday which will be next week when this is posted.

We visited the orthopaedic surgeon today and the first comment he made was the x-Rays did not show enough detail but from what he could see the damage is worse than indicated in the report. He wanted an MRI  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_resonance_imaging  for a better view of the break. The MRI people were just down the hall and within a half hour we were back with the specialist. “The MRI CD is blank”, he said. So it was back to the MRI people to get a CD with my data on it or a new scan. Luck was, for once, in our favour and we were back in 10 minutes. Hmmm! The break is worse than expected with cartilage totally broken and pieces of bone floating around. I need surgery, plates and screws and an arthroscopic clean-up. The op is set for Wednesday. In the meantime leave the cast on, do not get it wet and continue the Endone which “gum” up the works. Grrr!

On top of pain and discomfort will be added the annoyance of constipation.

Tuesday 4th August

Not much happened today. Just sitting around feeling sorry for myself and somehow getting the timing of pain relief out of step. Within two hours of missing my dose of Endone the pain made sure I quickly got back onto my dose.

Wednesday 5th August

Suddenly it is Wednesday, the day of the operation.

We arrived at Allamanda Hospital at the appointed hour and I joined a group of people sitting around in hospital gowns awaiting their turn. It seems all but two of us are day surgery.

All went well, apparently. From my misty pain shrouded perch it is hard to believe “all went well”. My wrist is wrapped tight as a drum and the oral pain relief is ineffectual. I was offered morphine to take the edge off the pain and to allow me to sleep. I have no idea how long I lay in the dark, considering chewing off my hand and wrist, anything, to stop the pain and be able to sleep. The nurse arrived and duly gave another morphine injection. Eventually the new day arrived.

Thursday 6th August

Breakfast arrived but alas, not sleep.

Soon, a practitioner from the Australian Hand Therapy Association   http://www.ahta.com.au/   arrived. Within minutes she was building my very own splint, attached it to my wrist and was gone. Then the surgeon arrived with great news.   (  http://goldcoastupperlimbcentre.com/) The break was much worse than expected. He used words like, shattered. I was waiting for the great news. The news was that those pieces able to be brought back together in line were kept in line with plates and screws. Those pieces unable to be repaired were removed. The gritty sharp pieces of bone have been smoothed so nothing rubs together. He told me it was a successful operation and it’s now over to me for a successful recovery.

Back home we had dinner and after loading up on pain killers realised I would not be able to sleep in bed so found my way to the recliner chair for comfort and sleep…two hours followed by pain killers then another two hours sleep.

So it was I passed the night.

Friday 7th August

Originally we planned to leave today to drive to Sydney. Too much pain, too much discomfort and too little sleep was enough for us to decide to rest for the day, review our situation in the morning and decide then if we will travel.

Blessed rest for the remainder of the day.

Another night sleeping, on and off, in the recliner.


Saturday 8th August.

We managed to leave Biggera Waters by mid-morning and before long were in New South Wales with our lunch stop at Coffs Harbour four hours later.

The Endone night time pain relief and the Panadene Forte day time pain relief has sustained me thus far, not without considerable discomfort I might add.

We arrived in Port Macquarie after 8 hours on the road driving for 500 Klms.

Our wonderful hosts, Tony & Dawn looked after us including a nice recliner in front of a heater and with TV to keep me company during the small hours. I have been sleeping in a recliner since I had my accident on 2nd August.

Temperatures have dropped by only 2 or 3 degrees but the coolness in the air is noticeable.

Sunday 9th August

After a hearty breakfast prepared by Dawn we were once again on the road to our next destination… La Perouse… a suburb of Sydney on Botany Bay, a trip of 410 Klms which we cruised leisurely in 6 hours.

Geoff & Margaret are our hosts and Geoff, latent chef that he is, prepared a wonderful dinner.  Tonight I slept on a lounge instead of a recliner. My sleep hours are directly linked to the pain killer cycle.

It is colder here in Sydney.

At least I am sleeping.


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5 Responses to “451. Sunday 9th August 2015. An operation, pain, travel accompanied by pain…”

  1. placestheygo Says:

    Glad to hear you are able to travel even with the pain. Sure hope the pain starts to ease for you. Take care:)


  2. Val Rigoli Says:

    Hell Frank, they say that time heals all wounds, but it looks like time is dragging out for you big time.

    I can’t say that I feel your pain, nor do I want to either!

    I’m sure Geoff will try and help you out with pain relief, now that’s a worry 😉

    I do hope this passes as quickly as possible Frank.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Val, yeah Geoff tried his best to administer his own pain relief but I was simply not in the mood.


  3. shan Says:

    Hi dear brother , sorry to hear of your woes. I hope you heal quickly. really looking forward to catching up in September. Lots of love Shan n Dave


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