459. Sunday 27th September 2015. At home, pain is the highlight and we travel to Mackay…


No Photos This Week. We Are Too Busy Doing Other Stuff.

Monday 21st September

I visited with my own doctor – or as she calls herself, a Personal Care Provider – and experienced a sense of care and understanding for the first time in over 5 years. During our travels we have had need to visit GP’s in towns in three states. For that reason we have not been able to establish a comfortable relationship with doctors as we were only likely to visit once and or the practise was multi doctor and you did not see the same doctor twice. We were fortunate that in our travels we found two single doctor practises who were caring, informed, pro-active and knew what he was doing. The first was in Guyra and the second, unbelievably was in busy Fairfield a suburb of Brisbane. In both I felt a comfortable relationship. Here on the Gold Coast I am using a busy multi doctor practise and have seen several doctors. That was probably my fault by asking for the first available appointment with any doctor instead of asking for my Personal Care Provider. Today I asked for the first available appointment with my PCP. She spent a long time with me discussing my injury, treatment so far and pain management medication. I was impressed and felt comfortable with her suggested course of pain relief along with anti- inflammatory drugs. We will review the plan in two weeks.

I bought elastic shoe laces at the Ascic Shoe store yesterday and used my walking shoes for the first time today. I was able to put on my own shoes today and needed no help with tying laces. This gives me huge independence. I can now put on my shoes and go for a walk whenever I please. I do not need to wait for someone to tie my laces.

Yee Har!!!

Tuesday 22nd September.

Wow! My first real sleep since my injury almost 8 weeks ago. Yes, I woke once during the night, wandered around the house for a few minutes and went back to bed and slept until 6am.

This was another Yee Har day.

Wednesday 23rd September

Another big Wow! And a Yee Har! Using the night time pain management suggested by my PCP I slept all night. I woke at 5.30am.

Another milestone this morning. As well as being able to put on my own shoes I was able to zip up my jacket this morning.

Thursday 24th September

Donnis woke early enough so we could go for a walk along the Broadwater. Oh it was wonderful walking in bright sunlight, looking at the stunningly clear water and breathing the salt air.

This morning I first had x-rays taken of my wrist and hand. I asked the technician to include my pinkie finger which has given me a good deal of discomfort and does not react as it orta. Next we saw the surgeon. It took him 4 minutes to review the x-rays, tell me to discontinue the Panedeine Forte (yeah right, as if I am gunna discontinue that which gives me enough pain relief so I can get some sleep.) declare all looks good and to see him in 6 weeks. He did not even look at my hand! Grrrr! I stayed seated and explained – politely – about my pinkie finger and the pain it gives. Perhaps it was broken also. He reviewed the x-rays again and declared there was no break but there is a large nerve, the Ulna, which runs along the side of the pinkie and it was probably injured in the fall and would take months to heal.


We then went to a large shopping centre with parking space for over 2,000 cars. Parked 10 cars away from us was RALLYE! All polished and gleaming in the sun,looking heartbreakingly – good. I hope the new owner treats it well. What a coincidence to find RALLYE after 6 months since it was traded on i30.

Tonight I was in considerable pain so took Panedene Forte after dinner so I can get some sleep. I gave the surgeon a virtual “finger” while doing so.

Friday 25th September

Not much to report today.

Slept well overnight. Woke once then quickly back to sleep. What a change from a month ago, even two weeks ago. I was waking at around 2am seeking pain relief and staying awake watching TV or playing on the computer. I still have pain…nerve pain which means apart from the feel of cold and a pins n needles type of constant pain, there are jolts of nerve electricity, powerful enough to make me yelp and sometimes bounce in my seat.

Awake by 6.30, put on my own shoes and went for a walk.

After lunch Donnis drove to Brisbane to visit grandson Chris. Donnis is on a no wheat diet so I took the opportunity to eat spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. That was the highlight of my day.

Saturday 26th September

Today was like a mirror image of yesterday with Donnis arriving home after dinner.

Sunday 27th September

We were both awake early and started packing for our big trip. We are off to Mackay and Airlie Beach.

Donnis drove for 13 hours. We arrived at sister Shan’s house, in Mackay, at 11 pm and were quickly in bed and pushing up ZZZZZ’s all night.


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