462. Sunday 18th October 2015. At home on the Gold Coast…

Monday 12th October

We returned the HP Pavillion to the retailer for an exchange. They took it away to inspect the damage, perhaps thinking we had dropped it.

We hadn’t.

While we were waiting, another man had brought in his desktop to solve some issues with Windows 10. One problem seemed to be compatibility with his AVG free anti -virus protection. The technician suggested he buy a subscription to McAfee. The man balked at that suggestion saying McAfee will take over his computer and cost him big dollars for the privilege. I could not agree more. As the man was leaving I suggested he try Avast free anti-virus protection. I have been using Avast and the laptop has been running happily on Windows 10 since I upgraded. The other problem, he was trying to load Office 12 which he had bought when he purchased the computer which at the time was loaded with Windows 8. The technician said Office 12 is not compatible with Windows 10 and he would need to buy the latest version of Office .

Hmmm! My laptop has been running Office 10 since I upgraded to Windows 1o and have not had any problems. I still have the original Office 10 disc and 25 digit password. I inserted the CD in the new desktop and clicked on the install button. One of my options was if I have Office 10 it will run on Windows 10 and hey presto a few minutes later it is all installed at no extra cost. This information is being typed on Word which is part of the Suite included in Windows 10.

BTW we had the new desktop replaced.


Sunday 18th October

Not much happened this week apart from the usual physiotherapist and doctor visits. On Wednesday we took i30 to the panel beaters and came home in a taxi. They said it may be 6 working days before it is repaired.

Today being car less we went to Broadbeach using the bus and Gold Coast Light Rail system. At the light rail terminus at Broadbeach we walked across the street to Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. Many years ago this centre opened as an open air development with a truly unique approach to shopping and dining. Everything was on one level, open air and friendly. Somewhere around 2010 the centre expanded with a much larger car park on multi levels and some of the outdoor area gave way to two floors of indoor stores. In January 2014 a new expansion commenced with more multi- level car parking and two floors of retail shopping and to some degree, dining. It is due to be completed by January 2016.

Today, as we discovered, part of the new section was opened to the public. The place was chaotic with shoppers.  Much of the outdoor space has been consumed and the little remaining outdoor area will disappear to make way for another two floors of shopping. The facelift will cost $667,000,000. Many of the stores are unoccupied and the friendly food outlets have gone.

Not able to find a food outlet which suited us we walked to Broadbeach where the Sunday Markets were still open. We bought some lunch and sat around in the sun, people watching.

Broadbeach looking south to Coolangatta.

Broadbeach looking south to Coolangatta.

Part of Broadbeach promenade.

Part of Broadbeach promenade.

With the delightful weather it was hard to drag ourselves away from the beach. We took the Light Rail and the bus back home. All up cost, return, on both bus and light rail was less than $6.

Donnis bought fish n chips from the Kiwi Fish Shop in the markets next door for our dinner. Amazing value for $14.50. The fish was a New Zealand Hoki, also known as Blue Grenadier which has a sweet flavour and delicate texture. It is wild caught although most fish is frozen or cooked frozen for export. It is nothing like the sewerage farmed Basa from south east asia. Sometimes it is possible to obtain fresh Australian Blue Grenadier in the southern parts of NSW and Victoria.

PS. Still in pain.


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