464. Sunday 1st November 2015. A long week of virtually nothing…

Monday 26th October

With the help of Graham who lives here in the village we drove Donnis to Coolangatta Airport dropped her off and were home again an hour later. Donnis is spending a week in Melbourne.

Tuesday 27th October

The only noteworthy happening today was… I went to my GP to review my medication.

Wednesday 28th October

Walking home from my Physiotherapist appointment, I crossed a bridge over Biggera Creek. It was high tide and beneath the bridge was a long punt with the sign Canal Maintenance and a man holding the punt in place. We got talking while he waited for his offsider to return (he was on a secret mission) it seems this punt collects rubbish from the waterways and cuts down some of the grass on the riverbank. They travel a distance of 400 Klms per week to cover every canal and creek and river system from Alberton in the north to the Burleigh Waters in the south. To think these two guys cover the distance every week. They carry bins on the boat and when all are full they take them to a depot to offload and take on empty bins. The contractor, Wingbrook Marine, is well set up for all types of work in the canal system.    http://www.wingbrookmarine.com.au/   Hmmm! I would not mind a job on the Canal maintenance punt. Even in winter it does not get too cold here on the Gold Coast..

Thursday 29th October

I have reached another milestone in my recovery. I am now able to hold a shampoo bottle in my left hand and dispense shampoo, with some effort, into my right palm. I can use both hands washing my hair although the left hand is little more than a claw. I can now dry myself after a shower and hold the towel in my left hand. Hallelujah!

Saturday 31st October

Halloween, a craze which was once restricted to the USA and Canada, is growing in popularity here in Australia. Shops are selling more and more cheap scary outfits, masks and body paint. Kids love it and do not seem to be at all scared of the outfits. Here at the village we are protected by a gate requiring a passkey. The residents are over 50 and generally do not have any children although several have children above 18 years of age. We do not have trick or treating.

Sunday 1st November

I am sorry to say there are no photos and no travels to relate this week. Donnis is in Melbourne and I have to cope with my own meals and I certainly cannot drive.

I am pleased to say I have had several milestones achieved this past week and it seems my pain is diminishing.


Donnis returns tomorrow (another Hallelujah moment). Perhaps we can squeeze in a picnic to somewhere new in between doctor and physiotherapist appointments.

Until next week.


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