465. Sunday 8th November 2015. Donnis comes home and a Pelican fascinates us…


Monday 2nd November.

With Graham once more at the wheel we drove to Coolangatta Airport. We were precisely on time but Donnis had to wait as the baggage was late being unloaded from her flight. Coolangatta Airport has a shopping centre precinct on its grounds including FREE PARKING within 300 metres of the Arrival and Departures. We parked i30 until Donnis called to say she was collecting her bag. We drove and met her within 2 minutes and we were on our way home. Total trip time was just over an hour. Try that with any major airport. Even Townsville and Mackay Airports have no provision for short term free parking. Coolangatta is also an International Airport. Top marks to the planners.

That was the excitement for today.

Tuesday 3rd November – Melbourne Cup Day.

Ahhhh!  The Melbourne Cup. The race that stops a nation. The race which turns otherwise sensible people with no knowledge of horse racing into horse experts. The race, which generates huge sums of money to be gambled, really does stop the nation. The Australian Race which in a field of 24 starters only had one Australian horse. That one horse was a rank outsider with no chance of winning. It was offering odds of 101 to 1 and carried the only female jockey in the race. Some of the horse owners wanted her removed and replaced with a more experienced male rider. The trainers held firm and kept the jockey, Michelle Payne, in the saddle. The horse, Prince of Penzance, which was never considered able to win, won the biggest horse race on the racing calendar. The jockey, when interviewed  after the race praised the trainer and mentioned the owners by saying they could, “all go and get stuffed”. Michelle Payne has an amazing story   http://www.news.com.au/sport/superracing/incredible-story-behind-michelle-paynes-history-making-win/story-fnjsiw2w-1227595418956   and a bright future.

Goodonyer Michelle.

Donnis and I went to a Melbourne Cup luncheon at our clubhouse and took a $2 sweep ticket and drew horse 8, Max Dynamite. It came in second.


We won $14!!!

Wednesday 4th November

I had a Physiotherapist appointment at 8am. Somehow in the morning I took two Lyrica tablets. Oh boy I was falling asleep while having a coffee and during lunch and went to bed totally snoozed out.

Friday 6th November

Donnis and I walked along the beach at The Broadwater. During our walk we noticed what appeared to be a Cormorant (more commonly known in Oz as a Shag) and a Pelican, working together to catch fish. The Shag swam beside the Pelican then dived while the Pelican followed and suddenly dove its head underwater, returning with a beak of small fish. The Shag also surfaced with a small fish in its beak. This partnership went on for ages as we watched.

In the evening, Iain,  the son of long- time friend Greg T, arrived for the night. Greg who lives in Guyra has Parkinsons Disease and for the most part has been living in a dignified way with the terrible debilitating disease. Just recently he has been diagnosed with a form of fast acting Dementia and has been hospitalised. The hospital at Guyra has no facilities for such patients and transferred Greg to Armidale. They in turn have insufficient facilities and referred him to Tamworth. Now it seems they also have no bed and are referring Greg to Newcastle. This is terrible news as Armidale was only a half hour drive. Tamworth on the other hand is a two hour drive whereas Newcastle is a five hour drive. We sure hope something can be sorted for the family.

Saturday 7th November

This morning Donnis, Iain and myself went for a walk along the Broadwater Beach. I was telling Iain about the Cormorant and Pelican story. (By the way Cormorants and Pelicans are related   see http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780198577270.do   ) No sooner had I finished speaking when we saw, in the same location, the Cormorant and Pelican working together. Today there were two Cormorants working. We again watched for ages. Later in the day I researched other stories and at least one tells a similar story. Please have a look at this blog for more information   http://oldblockwriter.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/pelican-log.html

Later in the day Iain called to say Tamworth had found a bed for Greg. He will stay there while his medication stabilises him so he can be moved to a Nursing Home in Armidale.

Later still we drove to Brisbane to have dinner with Donnis son Peter and his son Chris.

Sunday 8th November.

On our walk along The Broadwater we noticed the Pelican working with two Shags in order to find a fishy breakfast.

Later in the morning thick black clouds rolled in and a storm was brewing. In less than two hours  around 120 millimetres of rain was recorded

In the afternoon we went shopping for a new lounge/couch for our front room. On our way home, somewhat disillusioned by what we had seen we stopped at the La-Z-Boy outlet to window shop as the store closed at 4pm. We arrived at 4pm just as the manager was closing. He invited us in and spent a half hour with us looking at several couches and a choice of models which have a chaise lounge option. Donnis was excited thinking she has found her lounge.



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