466. Sunday 15th November 2015. A quiet week ending wind strong winds…

Hello readers. I apologise for this post being three days late. My trusty 2009 model Toshiba Satellite L500 Laptop has begun to give us problems. Grrr! Hiss! Grumble! I had to take the laptop to the laptop doctor. According to him the problems were easily fixed and we got it back late yesterday afternoon.

Monday 9th November.

Hmmm! There seemed to be an unusually high tide this morning.

It was overcast and a chilly wind was blowing from the south when we went for our Broadwater walk.

In the afternoon we went back to La-Z-Boy to order our lounge. After looking at options – again-Donnis decided on a new lounge combo and we placed an order. Manufacture and delivery time is 16 weeks!

Tuesday 10th November

Hmmm! The unusual tide is higher again this morning.



As well on our walk this morning we witnessed some new Pelican / Shag interaction.

Pelican with one Shag

Pelican with one Shag the Pelican has its beak wide open. Enlarge the photo for a clear view,

One Shag seems to swim closer to the Pelican than the second Shag.

Pelican plus two Shags

Pelican plus two Shags

Pelican with Shag

Pelican with Shags

A third Shag seems to be involved in the same activity although it swims much further away, keeping a respectful distance between itself and the two main players. This morning a second Pelican tried to join the team. The first Pelican honked threateningly while the outside Shag swam at the intruder who quickly flapped itself airborne.

Pelican being chased by Shags

Pelican being chased by Shags

The combination of birds seems to take place at roughly the same time each morning AND in roughly the same location. The two extra Shags seem to be acting like apprentices or trainees.


Wednesday 11th November.

Once more the tide is higher.

Thursday 12th November.

Hmmm! We were a few hours late going for our walk this morning. The tide was unbelievably high. So high in fact much of the beach we walk along is underwater…and the tide was still coming in. I finally checked the tidal charts. The next few days will see even higher tides, easing back to the high tides experienced earlier in the week.

This morning I was trolling through my photos and a shot taken in Vancouver City in June caught my attention. It was a busy city street with a bike shop on a corner. They hire hundreds of bikes. (see attached photo)

This is just one of several bike hire and sales stores we saw in Vancouver.

This is just one of several bike hire and sales stores we saw in Vancouver.

One of dozens of bike hire stations located around Brisbane.

One of dozens of bike hire stations located around Brisbane.

I then thought about the bike hire in Brisbane.  There are hire stations scattered around the city with perhaps a dozen bikes at each location. (see attached photo) Brisbane has a long way to go to catch up with Vancouver, a cyclist friendly city.

Sunday 15th November

In the afternoon we decided to walk along the Broadwater despite the 60Klm per hour winds blowing  sand at dermabrasion speed.

Windy conditions.

Windy conditions.

It seems we did not do much this week. Although to be fair our days have been busy going to Doctors, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and so on takes up a good deal of our time.

For the record, my wrist, hand and fingers are still swollen. Pain has eased greatly but that could be as a result of the high pain relief does keeping the pain under control. Perhaps it is doing its job. The hand still looks swollen but many functions have returned. I am much more buoyant in my thoughts each day. I am now conscious that the hand will heal and the pain will go away.


My GP said to expect full, pain free use of my hand in 18 months. She added that on that day I will walk into her surgery with my coffee in one hand and her coffee in the other.

Looking forward to the day I can get back on the bike.



2 Responses to “466. Sunday 15th November 2015. A quiet week ending wind strong winds…”

  1. placestheygo Says:

    Good to hear you are starting to feel better and having some relief from your pain:) Boy, 18 months is a long time. Sure hope you are able to shake the pain meds.

    That was an interesting pelican! We have grey/brown pelicans and white pelicans, but I’ve never seen the black and white pelican.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Pam welcome back. You know, I saw Pelicans while in Canada USA and Alaska and noted how different they are to the Pelicans here in OZ. Although I noticed the difference I never took a photo or commented. Hmmm! perhaps I can arrange another visit.


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