472. Sunday 27th December 2015. Christmas Day, Boxing day and quiet days at home….

Monday 21st December

Another hot and humid day. We had a delightful sea breeze coming in off the creek. With windows and doors open the breeze was cool. No need for AC. So far this summer we have not needed to turn on the AC.

We had a visit from Church of Christ Care. They are an organisation with State Government Funding. They organise tradespeople to come and fix leaky taps or faulty power switches and other trade jobs around the house. The labour is covered by the CofCC funding and all we are charged is for the materials. Sort of like doing it yourself – only better. We were registered and told they will pass on our jobs list but do not expect a tradesman to come until the New Year.

Yeah that’s OK.

Donnis had a bad day with the flu and slept most of the time.

For dinner we had a Turducken – a boned turkey stuffed with a boned duck stuffed with a boned chicken stuffed with…stuffing.

The whole lot is wrapped in bacon.

Hmmm! OK but we should have served it with a gravy not just cranberry sauce.

Tuesday 22nd December

Just after 8am the phone rang. It’s the plumber come to fix the leaky taps in the bathroom. A job I can do when I have two hands. However once he removed the taps he found the seat on one of the taps has a crack. It needed re-seating with a power tool. I have a manual re-seating tool but given the size of the crack I would be working all day. He completed the total job and gone in 15 minutes. We paid $10 for materials.

A short time later the phone rang again. It was the electrician. He was here to replace the smoke alarm which was supposed to have been replaced in 2010. He also put in a new switch for the overhead fan in the bedroom. He was also gone in 15 minutes. Cost…$48 for materials – a new smoke alarm and new three position switch for the fan.

Wednesday 23rd December

I had my last hand therapy for 2015. I have made progress and have come a long way since starting treatment in early September. Almost daily I can see progress and the hand is probably better than 60% back to normal. The therapist tells me from here on in, progress may not be so easy to notice. At least with my posts I can look back in a year and read my weekly progress.

Thursday 24th December

Christmas Eve.

Donnis seems to be no better with the flu now on her chest. We managed to get a doctors appointment and found she has bronchitis and needs some antibiotics. We called sister Enid to say Donnis was not well enough to join them at Noosa as she does not want to spread her germs amongst the children.

After dinner we walked around our village. Although there are only 101 villas in our village there was some fierce competition in Christmas lights. In the same small street of less than 10 houses, all had some degree of lighting. There were three in particular, who vied for first place.241215 lights 241215 lights1 241215 lights2 241215 lights3 241215 lights4 241215 lights5 241215 lights6

Which house is our house?

25th December

Christmas Day!

Donnis woke declaring that she feels so much better (thank you antibiotics) and now wants to travel 2 hours to Noosa on the Sunshine coast.

Which we did.

We joined Enid and Ken, Enid’s son and daughter and of course their children and Enid’s first husband Mick were there for Christmas dinner.

We also managed to contact our children and my brothers and other sisters by phone to wish them a happy Christmas.

After Christmas Dinner we drove home arriving just before midnight.

All in all an enjoyable day.

Saturday 26th December.

Boxing Day.

Donnis has never seen what happens at Boxing Day sales. We walked across the street to Harbourtown Shopping Centre and immediately experienced large crowds milling around going to the stores, eating at the cafes and lining up to get into stores and the movies. We were both amazed that most shops had security guards at the doors. As people left the store they would allow an equal amount of people to enter a store. People were lined up along the front windows of stores and around the corner. Most people had more than one shopping bag. The carpark was so full, security guards directed traffic and closed off some sections. Cars were parked up on the gardens and in pedestrian crossing entrances. Even the streets outside and even the entrance to our street was jammed with parked cars. In the late afternoon we drove to Helensvale Shopping Centre where we were easily able to park near the entrance. Hmmm! Some of the items we wanted were already sold. Perhaps if we had joined the madness earlier in the day we could have got those items.

Que sera sera.


Sunday 27th December.

We slept in and had a basic lazy day. A storm and rain had been forecast and although there were cloudy skies it was actually a pleasant day. Late in the afternoon the promised storm arrived when rain, thunder and lightning rolled in.



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2 Responses to “472. Sunday 27th December 2015. Christmas Day, Boxing day and quiet days at home….”

  1. Judith Naumoski Says:

    i’m glad Donnis is better I always love reading what you are up to makes me feel good to know you are both doing well


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Jude, good to hear from you. Donnis still has her bronchitis, mainly the nasty cough. You know how I am. Better days are coming. How are you? Will try to give you a call in the next couple of days.


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