473. Sunday 17th January 2016. All quiet on the Gold Coast…

Monday 11th January

Someday’s we do little more than go to the beach in the morning and then do very little for the rest of the day.

Surfers Paradise from Biggera Waters on The Broadwater.

Surfers Paradise from Biggera Waters on The Broadwater.

Especially on hot summer days.

Today was such a day.

On reflection, I wonder how we ever had time to go to work.

How did we organise our lives to get up, exercise, breakfast, put on clothes and a happy face and drive to work. Then, after work, still with that happy face, we come home and make dinner and wash dishes and clean house and do laundry and iron and socialise. We also did things like garden and paint and maintain a house.

Now we are flat out getting half of those things done.


Tuesday 12th January

When Donnis worked at the Collarenebri Hospital in the summer of 2013/2014, one of her workmates was Lesley. Lesley has just taken up a post at the Robina Gold Coast Hospital where her speciality of Emergency Care will be put to good use. She moved to the Gold Coast last week and Donnis suggested lunch to catch up. Lesley is not a beach person – too hot – and would have preferred to go to Robina Shopping Centre for the air conditioning and choice of lunch places. We ended up going to Currumbin Surf Life Saving Club for lunch. (we first lunched here in September 2013 at the height of the Currumbin SWELL Sculpture Festival) At that time the food seemed quite good. Today was a below par average meal.

After lunch we drove to Palm Beach Surf Living Saving Club about 3 klms as the crow flies. Yes, we did have lunch here only last week. Today we had coffee only. A review of the menu shows more choices, slightly cheaper prices and better meals. Although Palm Beach has great view, the views from Currumbin SLSC wins hands down.

The temp today was 32° with a strong northerly wind blowing, creating a sultry humid day.

Of course I thought we were going to the shopping centre so did not bring my camera. The colours of the water and sky were unbelievable.


Wednesday 13th January

Not much breeze today and 32° but we still managed without turning on the AC.

Glass canoe on the beach at Biggera Waters, The Broadwater.

Glass canoe on the beach at Biggera Waters, The Broadwater.

Today we finished the shelves in the laundry and put washer and dryer back in place. The finished result looks so good.

The rest of the day was spent lazing about.

I watched the movie “The Last Taxi to Darwin” starring Michael Caton. I liked the role he played and found it was emotionally moving at times. A good story, well told, with great cinematography and backgrounds.

Sunday 17th January

We both slept in.

Son in law, Paul, arrived along with Grandchildren Shelby-Rose and Anakin. They have driven1,100 Klms from Mackay. They left at 2am and arrived here a few minutes short of 2pm. They all fell asleep shortly after arriving.

It has been a quiet week.


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2 Responses to “473. Sunday 17th January 2016. All quiet on the Gold Coast…”

  1. Pat Gallagher Says:

    Hi Frank. My apologies for hijacking this post, but I couldn’t find another means of contact. I’m hoping to have a quick chat with you regarding a story you posted on the ABC site three years ago about a house you stayed in in Guyra. Could you please email me at pat.gallagher(at)caliburnproductions.com.
    Thanks. Pat Gallagher


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Pat, I have replied direct by email including phone and Skype details. I look forward to speaking with you.


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