090. After the Show comes…


…the Whitsunday Wanderers Proserpine mini – rally. Every year after the Show with all the rides and animals and ferris wheel and fairy floss and merry go rounds and dust and heat and flies and the usual round of sore throats, colds and flu comes the mini rally.

The show people start moving out on the Monday and the rally people start moving in on the Tuesday. Upwards of 150 rigs turn up for the camaraderie, a chance to play disc bowls, smoko twice a day and a little bit of entertainment.

Due to work commitments and study arrangements for Donnis, we elected not to attend this year.

I did visit on the Saturday afternoon, choosing to ride there on my Yamaha Virago motorcycle.

Seems to be a few less rigs than last year, perhaps a few over 100 was my guesstimate.

I was looking for John H from Casino Village. We stayed him and wife Heather on our way to Tassie. He had lent us transducer to be used on toll roads in three states, Qld, NSW and Vic. I was returning the device to him and thanked him, as it was mighty handy to have on board and made some roads easy to travel, as they were only open to transducer holders.

John was in bed when I arrived as he was suffering from shingles, the light, warmth and warm breeze were uncomfortable for him so curled up in the darkened room was some relief. So after a bit of a chat and a cup of coffee I went in search of the organisers Reg or Rusty. Hmmm.

Not at the official office site. They may have been in the hall where afternoon smoko was in full swing and an entertainer was trying to reach a few notes from outside his repertoire. They were eluding him. However I was not about to disrupt the show looking for R&R so instead, went looking for members of my own chapter.


No Sugarloafers in attendance. Well at least none whose rigs I could see.

Oh. Well.

The Tropical Coast Wanderers always attend this rally and use it as a launching pad for their Dam Fine Rally in a couple of weeks. Whoops. Not a TCW member anywhere in sight.

What gives?

I wandered onto the oval to take a few photos. Returning to the Virago I passed several MH where groups were having a cuppa or playing cards or just socialising. One group called out and asked if I got some good photos.

Yes I did thank you.

A man came up to me and asked which newspaper I was working for and did I want to do an interview.

I was not wearing my CMCA badge and being alone and carrying a professional looking camera they just assumed I was a reporter/photographer.

I wandered around a bit more but did not see anybody I knew and as most everybody was, by now, either in the shed with the entertainer or socialising around their rigs under the shade of their awnings. Being mid winter the temperature was in the high 20’s and shade was important as felt almost like summer.

If we had brought the winnie we would probably be meeting new folk but without Donnis my heart was not in it.

I rode home and had a beer.

Some rigs at the 2009 Proserpine mini rally.

Some rigs at the 2009 Proserpine mini rally.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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