002.9th May 2004. We begin testing, testing, testing…

Couldn’t keep us away. While watching Oz favourite travel show, Getaway, Donnis saw an add for discounted motorhome holidays. She booked a week and we picked up the motorhome in Townsville. Our initial excitement was tempered a bit by how small the dang thing was inside. Hmmm. And all the things we had to remember to turn on or off. Sigh!

OK there was a double bed up in the forepeak and a nice dining / lounge area and good size foldaway table but nowhere to put our luggage. We opted not to use the toilet and shower and use it for storage. Good so far. But I had trouble sleeping in the forepeak and had to get up 2 or 3 times a night to crawl over Donnis, climb down the ladder, walk 100m or whatever in the rain to the toilet then back and repeat the process getting back into bed. Little did I know at the time but the reasons for the three times a night trip was I had advanced Prostatitis but that’s another story. We then opted to turn the lounge area into a bed at night. During the day all the bedding was put up in the forepeak and it was becoming a chore. Did I mention the rain? Every day. We drove to Cairns then Mareeba, Atherton and all the tablelands attractions and finally back to Townsville.

Did we enjoy ourselves.? Despite the rain and some caravan parks being a bit poor on facilities and lack of room in the motorhome. Did we? Yep. Sure did.

Along the way we saw a very nicely set up Coaster pulling a small 4WD. They showed us their rig and let me tell you I was impressed. That set us thinking. So we visited Brisbane saw the motorhome show and visited motorhome outlets and became totally confused. We wanted a Winnie, then a Swagman then a Sunliner then a Coaster and so it went on…

We wanted something small enough to drive on a regular license but big enough to have a double bed and a toilet and shower. The Coasters were beginning to look good but we had a lot more looking to do.

Here is our rented motorhome in a sloping site at Atherton.

At Atherton Caravan Park

Here is Donnis at Mungalli Falls.

Mungalli Falls

Frank is overshadowed at the Curtain Fig Tree near Yungaburra.

Cathedral Fig Tree near Yungaburra

Crystal cascade Caravan Park outside Cairns was quiet and clean.

Crystal Cascades Big4 Caravan Park

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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