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277. Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo visit over two days…


Western Plains Zoo Dubbo.

Thankfully it was another fine sunny day to complete my two day visit to the museum. Actually I feel I should have started earlier and stayed until I was kicked out. That way I would have seen more. As it was I know I missed some exhibits. Meerkats is one.

The zoo is set on 300 hectares and is a mixture of native bush, special gardens and parklands. There are themed picnic areas, paved roads, designated parking near enclosures and gravel pathways. Even driving and parking there is still a good deal of walking required and you really would need two days to do the visit justice.

The animals I photographed are listed alphabetically and in the case of more exotic species a Wikipedia link is shown. The list is by no means a full tally of all the animals at the zoo, just the ones I saw and photographed – in focus.

I hope you enjoy these photos of some of the animals at the zoo as much as I enjoyed the visit photographing the subjects.


Young Addax.

African Elephant

African Elephant. The Asian Elephant is a lot smaller and is in serious danger.

Look at that lovely face.

African Lion


American Bison

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

This was not an exhibit it simply flew into the hippo feeding station and asked to be photographed.

Cocky’s are noisy, cheeky and destructive birds but also very loveable.



For our overseas friends who often have trouble pronouncing this name it is not EE Moo. It is correctly pronounced Eem You.

Galapagos Tortoise.

These creatures are huge and must be so burdened with carrying around that weight of shell but hey they live to be up to 200 hundred years so they must be doing something correct.

Look at the size and thickness of those toenails. That would be tough job for the zookeeper/podiatrist.

White Handed Gibbon



For some reason I did not make any notes on what type of goat this is and it is not listed in the zoo map. Perhaps a rock goat?


Greater One Horned Rhinoceros.

White Rhinoceros.

Common Hippopotamus

Although a herbivore the hippo lives in harmony with crocodiles and if provoked those teeth and huge mouth can crush anything which gets in its way. The zookeepers treat it with respect and do not enter the enclosure while a hippo is there.

This particular hippo is called HAPPY. Just look in his mouth and those grinding teeth, bones and tusks. Hippos are treated as dangerous animals and should never be approached. I was fascinated with the exhibit.

Persian Onager


Double click on the photo to enlarge full size. You can see a tiny young Siamang being comforted by its dad.

The Siamang are noisy by nature and their loud calls always attract a large crowd and they play to the crowd. The noise would soon drive you crazy if you lived in the jungle with them. The YouTube video shows them in action.

Sumatran Tiger

To make the tiger work for its food and so that it does not get bored with routine the food is placed in a sack and hoisted to the top of a pole. The tiger climbs the vertical pole and chews through the bag to get the meat.

Last but by no means least…