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448. Sunday 19th July 2015. More Basa, Tamborine Mountain, and resting at home…


Monday 13th July

We woke to day two of the forecast 6 days of cold temps and chilly westerlies.

Today, bright and early I am going to continue, just a little bit, my rant from last weeks post. The story will continue on the subject of the fish, variously known as Basa. It occurred to me that I was writing about Basa in Australia and did not sufficiently address the fact that Basa is infecting and being inflicted on nations around the world. New Zealand has the same problem we have in Australia.

For example in the US and Canada Basa is sold as “Swai” or “Bocourti”. Catfish wars about local and imported fish (Basa) are still underway in the US.

In the UK it is sold in fish shops under a variety of names such as “Cobbler”, River Cobbler”, “Pangasius” or “Panga” often with the word catfish appended. In Europe it is often labelled as “Panga Catfish”.

What is the moral of the story? If you are reading this and you live in Oz or anywhere in the rest of the world, ask questions about what type of fish is in your “fish” meal. Reject it if it is called Basa. Remember most fish in fish n chips which are sold a long way from the ocean could be Basa.

Insist on local, wild caught fish.

Next weeks lesson will be about Prawns.

Just kidding.

Hmmm! Maybe that is not such a bad idea.

Tuesday 14th July.

Today we drove to Tamborine Mountain. Just for an afternoon drive to get us out of the house for a few hours. We never visited any of the waterfalls, lookouts, botanical gardens or glow worm caves for which the area is well known.  Instead we chose to walk around the quaint town which has a vineyard and winery in the centre of town.

Outside the winery.

Outside the winery.

The town seems to be disproportionately populated with eating houses many of which seem to specialise in fudge. Fudge? Never in my wildest childhood memory do I recall fudge as being something I would look for. In fact I am not sure I have eaten fudge. Fudge? Who eats fudge?

The town also has a couple of glass artisans and a store specialising in Cuckoo and Grandfather clocks. Wow! All the clocks were ticking and tocking and cuckooing, dinging and donging, not in sync but at their own time. The clocks have Cuckoos and tiny people moving in and out of doors in the clocks. Oh so magical. Personally it would drive me crazy to have a clock audibly ticking and making other noises all day every day but for clock lovers… up to $7,000… this is a must visit.

A wall of Cuckoo Clocks.

A wall of Cuckoo Clocks.

We visited a place with a yard full of…junk.

This was the cleanest, tidiest and most useful piece of junk umm err antique, collectible item.

This was the cleanest, tidiest and most useful piece of junk umm err antique, collectible item.

The sign at the front yard said it was Antiques and Collectibles. Another sign in the yard said Collectables and Freakish Items while another sign said Weird Stuff. Apart from the signs was the fact it was closed but had a steady stream of people wandering through the yard. Hmmm! To my untrained eye it was junk. On our way out was another sign advising we were leaving the United States.!

Leaving the junk yard.

Leaving the junk yard.

Sunday 19th July

This week has been a time to stay home and catch up on doing stuff that needed to be done after a two month absence.

Gardening for instance.

I finished reading the book, The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard. (also a TV documentary) Basically the author tells us as a species we are killing our planet by;


Some nations are over using resources.

We are pulling finite resources out of the ground and treating them as if they were infinite.

Products manufacture often involve using toxic methods.

Disposing of waste creates toxins.

We have too much waste.

There are many other things we do which are not healthy but I hope you get the gist. It is worth a read.

On that note the week ends and we look forward to a busy travel time in the coming week.