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252. Sunday 13th May 2012. We bounce between Sydney & Wollongong and a child is born…


Monday 7th May.

Ummm. What did we do today?

Nuthin’ really.

We just hung around the house in Corrimal. Errol went to work and we just spent time with Nicole n Amelia.

Tuesday 8th May

Today was like a mirror image of yesterday only warmer.

Wednesday 9th May

Today was different. Very much so.

Merrilyn, Nicoles mum, was due to arrive and we were to move back to Sydney to stay with Bev n Pete. Nicole was not due to give birth for another 10 days or so. Errol woke us at 7am (yes. We slept in until 7am. Scandalous!) He was pointing a video camera at us and said he and Nicole were off to the hospital. Hmmm!

Baby Hannah Joy was born at 12.23pm. We went to the hospital to visit Nicole who was still in the birthing centre, not yet moved to the maternity ward.

Amelia with little sister Hannah and mum Nicole.

Proud Dad errol, proud Grandmother Donnis and Hannah.

By now Merrilyn had arrived so it was quite a crowded room with Nicole, baby Hannah, toddler Amelia, Merrilyn, Errol, Donnis and myself with most of us gooing and gaaing, all talking at once and taking photos and all the stuff you do when in a hospital room with a newborn.

Some of the crowd including Nicole, Merrilyn, Frank, baby Hannah and Amelia.

About 20 minutes into the visit an official looking nurse came into the room to tell us we had to move. Leave? We asked. No. Move, was her reply. We need this room and Nicole is being moved to the maternity ward. So we all trooped along hallways and around corners and past all types of rooms with strange names printed on the doors until we arrived at Nicoles new room.

Errol plants a loving kiss.

Grandmother Donnis, Love is in the Air.

Dinner was leftovers and  Errol n I shared a few rum n cokes with neighbours who came over.

Thursday 10th May

Today was the warmest Autmn day in 70 years.

Donnis spent much of the day looking for flowers to make into several arrangements.  In the afternoon we visited Nicole and were surprised that meals are no longer brought to you. Instead you are given a meal “ticket”. Then when the meals arrive “down the hall” the patient must get out of bed and present her ticket down the hall for a meal. The meal is on a disposable plastic tray, complete with disposable cutlery, disposable drink container, disposable dessert cup and the complete package can be thrown away in a bin without any washing up. The meal looked about the worst type of meal I have ever seen or experienced in a hospital. Nicole ate the meal with the same amount of gusto you would expect with plastic food.

Yuk! To the quality of food and Yuk to the disposable plastic profit oriented society we live in.

Merrilyn stayed home and prepared dinner for us after which I packed TERIOS and drove back to Gymea. The CO-PILOT will stay at least another night in order to finish her flower arrangements and wait until Nicole arrives home from hospital before joining me.

Friday 11th May.

Last week I had a blood test and today I met with the doctor to discuss the findings.

PSA, normal. Good.

Good cholesterol, good.

Bad Cholesterol, elevated but acceptable.

Diabetes elevated and on the edge of concern.

Not good.

There are now tests which can determine more accurately the risks. I have scheduled a test for Monday.

While at the surgery I also had a once only pneumonia injection, recommended for persons over the age of 65.

The CO-PILOT arrived by train late in the afternoon.

Saturday12th May

We drove through horrendous, creeping, braking, slow, miserable, narrow streets, Saturday morning traffic from Gymea to Redfern to visit our Aunt Gwen. Gwen is 89 and still tough as nails and a whizz on the computer, scanner and printer and makes jewellery. She was a very accomplished dancer and dance teacher up until only a few years ago.

Gwen with Frank and Bev.

If you have never been to Redfern there is not much going for it. I was not inclined to take photos. I was more interested in somehow hiding the camera and ensuring TERIOS was locked and no visible possessions. I was also warned to take the GPS with me or risk a smashed window. Redfern, after all, has a deserved reputation. Aunt Gwen has lived in this street since 1958 and has lived in the current one bedroom flat for 14 years. Security grilles are on all ground floor flats and entrance is by way of a security card or push a button to be buzzed into the foyer. Then more security screens and locks on steel doors. No. this is not a wealthy enclave. It was intended for retired persons on a pension . Now the Housing Commission moves drug addicts and other dubious characters in amongst the pensioners. Why? Because younger people will make more complaints. Pensioners are more likely to stay indoors with locks locked and not complain about strange goings on.

Bev with Gwen and Donnis

After our visit we once again joined the slow bumper to bumper traffic. Originally I wanted to have fish n chips at Doyles Seafood at Watsons Bay, a long time ambition of mine. Ten minutes of annoying traffic and I decided to drive to Coogee Beach

Typical Coogee Beach…no surf.

instead and find the nearest fish n chip shop. I have not been to Coogee Beach for 40 or more years.

My hankering for deep fried fish n chips has been satisfied for another 6 months. The fish was good but the chips were too oily. Yuk!

Here is the entry to the Coogee Beach Rock Pool. Typical of Sydney pools of this type, they are known as “BATHS”.

An unusual feature of this rock bath is a natural formation has been enhanced with additional rock and cement. One end and part of one side are left open so the “bath” is continually washed clean by wave and tidal action.

Another view of the rock baths.

Inside the Baths entry is this tribute memorial to some of those killed in the Bali Bombing Saturday 12th October 2002. This is best viewed by double clicking the image.

Coogee Beach is on the flight path to Mascot Airport. Most planes flew lower than this and seemed to be flying out of the hillside. Planes flew over at approximately two minute intervals.

If you ever go to Coogee Beach be aware that parking is fee payable. $1.20 for the first hour, money in slot, place ticket on dash. Parking police check at regular intervals…even on weekends. We arrived back at TERIOS ten minutes late and three parking police were making a sweep through the area.

Sunday 13th May 2012. Mothers Day.

The day started with brilliant sun shine but strong very cold south westerly winds buffeted the area all day.

We drove to Corrimal to have a Mothers Day breakfast with Nicole, Merrilyn, Errol, toddler Amelia and baby Hannah. Without going into the reasons we finally drove to Shellharbour for a Mothers Day lunch at 3pm!!!

When we left at 4.30 there were still people arriving for lunch!

We drove back to Bev n Petes for dinner.