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379. Sunday 29th June 2014. The things you do when you are doing nothing…


Monday 23rd June

Sunday 30th June

What can I say about this week?

Not much which would be interesting to our readers.

Usually we try to go somewhere and take photos but not this week.

Here are some of the things we did.

During the regular weekdays when I go to work for 6 hours then come home and in the afternoons I have been varnishing the interior window frames. Most people have painted timber frames. We have lovely raw cedar window frames which were originally stained but those frames getting direct sunlight have faded and to protect them I varnished them around 4 years ago. They needed doing again so that is how I spend my afternoons. Some of the frames and the solid wood front door I used a varnish with a light stain. Even if I do say so myself, they look quite good. Now That I have completed staining three windows and a front door inside and out the other windows need doing as well.  Sigh! Only 6 windows to go.

Saturday we drove to Mackay to buy some items from a Bunnings Store. While in the Gooseponds area we saw the Mackay Fish Stocking Group putting 1,000 Barramundi fingerlings into the Gooseponds. It seems some goose (pardon the pun) releasedaquarium fish into the Gooseponds. The released fish were Tilapia, an invasive species from Mozambique who are multiplying and eating everything in sight. Enter the Barramundi. They are a local highly prized Australian fish known for its fighting prowess when hooked up but better known for its table qualities. We enjoy Barra when it is available at a good price. The idea is the Barra will eat the invader Tilapia  and be an anglers delight in the Gooseponds in a few years.

Any time we are in Mackay we try to visit with daughter Avery, husband Paul and the grandchildren Shelby-Rose and Anakin. After our visit we also visited my sister Sandra and boyfriend Dave. By the time we ready to leave it was dark so we went to Blacks Beach Tavern and shared a Tandoori Chicken Pizza.

We arrived home just on 10pm after such a long day we were ready for bed.

Sunday 29th June.

Okay Okay I know this is all boring stuff. When are we gunna get on the road and visit some new places? I would like to say soon but all I can promise is we are working on it. We are also working on a weekend getaway…soon.

We spent the day pulling out the old water feature and the minimal water pump and installed a new bigger more powerful pump with added features.

We also filled some large pots we received from Sandra and made a new veggie garden and that was the extent of our day.

I plan on something different next week but in the meantime those jobs around the house simply have to get done.