079. Day 84. Friday 5th June 2009. What a difference the Sun makes…

Something went wrong in the planning and processing department on our way to Burnett Heads this morning. We arrived in Bundaberg and while negotiating traffic lights, roundabouts and looking for signs to Burnett Heads the driver made a split second decision to go to 1770 instead. We have been here before and not to Burnett Heads. Managed to get in the wrong lane which took us over the bridge with roadworks on the other side and about three klms before we could find a way to turn around. So. We kept going to 1770.

Interesting story about 1770. It has always been written that way but some pressure was put on council by Australia Post and a few other academic bodies to change the name to Seventeen Seventy and that is how it will be officially written.

Geez! Talk about autocrats. An unusual and catchy name, unlike any other in the world it has to change for conformity sake!

We are booked in to 1770 CP for two nights and may even take a third. The place is booked out being a long weekend (we had forgotten about long weekends) but a late cancellation has a site available. Regrettably it is not on the water nor does it have a concrete pad. It is on a corner and although I expected to be annoyed by cars it has been quiet. The day has been very warm and sunny, picture perfect for the inlet. A walk to the point and a scramble along the cliff path is exhilerating. As we arrive back at camp a hundred or so people are sitting on the beach, drinks in hand, fires lit and watching the sunset.



Sunset over 1770.

Sunset over 1770.


Meditation Moon over 1770 cliffs.

Meditation Moon over 1770 cliffs.


Donnis prepares to meditate.

Donnis prepares to meditate.

I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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